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5 sports you’ve never heard of

Monday, November 30, 2009
Pick your players and grab an elephant (or granny) -- these sports are definitely 'unique'

1. Seoul, Korea: Penguin soccer

To promote its participation in the 2002 World Cup, South Korean organizers rounded up a team of small penguins. The rookies donned colorful jerseys and punted a miniature soccer ball. Despite the haphazard game, the fangirls were visibly charmed.

2. Southeast Asia: Elephant polo

Swap the horses for elephants and you’ve got pachyderm polo. Two riders sit on each beast: one steers the animal; the other strikes at balls with a wicket. According to legend, the game originated in Nepal after a drinking bout. Today, it’s popular all over Southeast Asia. There’s even an annual World Elephant Polo Championship.

3. Mikame, Japan: Pig rodeo

Let me set the scene: You’re perched on top of a 140 kg bucking beast, trying desperately to hang on for a chance at ¥50,000. The ferocious animal isn’t a steer or a bull… but a one-year-old pig. Mikame’s one-of-a-kind rodeo has been a summer tradition for 26 years. The video reveals that few contestants are able to mount a pig for more than a few seconds

4. Ito, Japan: Laundry tub race

For 54 years, Ito residents have been going “rub-a-dub-dub.” Every July, hundreds of competitors squeeze their bums into a laundry tub and paddle furiously down Matsukawa River. The race is a tip of the hat to those who formerly washed clothes on the river banks. Some participants don costumes -- beer hats, Groucho Marx glasses -- and more than a few makeshift boats capsize.

5. Beijing, China: Hip hop grannies

A group of Chinese grandmas started a hip hop group -- insert ambulance joke here. But wait until you see them in colorful headbands and baggy urban wear, popping and locking without any sign of arthritis. 68-year-old leader Mrs. Wu initially met resistance from friends, who told her the dance was only performed by “bad people at the bottom of the society.” But she prevailed and now has a 60-strong posse with an average age of 57.

source: cnngo.com

Would you look at this! Henna cupcakes

It's ingenious! White frosting, black icing and intricate henna designs on cupcakes -- for all your girlfriends on your wedding mehndi day

Our ever hungry research has discovered something truly novel this week -- mehndi henna cupcakes.

I immediately called Namrata Narang and Sangeeta Kulkarni of Cupcakes & Co here in Mumbai and Namrata told me how they're "happy to customize cupcakes and give them an Indian touch otherwise what's the fun, they all look the same."

"For a client's mehndi celebration, as part of her wedding, we took coconuts which are considered to be auspicious, and beetle leaves and iced the cupcakes in orange to resemble marigold flowers, which are the traditional flower for most Indian weddings and religious ceremonies."

And the beautiful black and white henna cupcakes, I presumed were done by mehndi waalis, who are the traditional henna artists for weddings, but the Cupcakes & Co girls did that themselves too. They're full of ideas and initiative.

Call Cupcakes & Co at +91 99209 76000 to place your order.

Come back for our feature on the best cupcakes in Mumbai, on CNNGo later this week.

source: cnngo.com

Bangkok parkour: See how they run, leap and fly

Free runners are famous for their wild jumps off buildings. But there's more to this discipline than action film moves

While most people choose to walk along a sidewalk to get somewhere, free runners utilize their whole environment. This includes jumping off walls and climbing over fences.

A gaggle of women are bouncing in unison in front of the main stadium at Thammasat University’s Rangsit campus, fueled by an absurd techno beat. If any of them notices they're in the presence of a superhero, they don’t show it. Bangkok’s parkour "Spiderman," meanwhile, is busy scuttling up walls and hopping over rails.

For Shayan Naveed, 24, it's just a walk in the park, something he does two or three times a week.

“A lot of people watch the videos of parkour and they think it’s all about jumping off buildings,” he says. “But there’s more to it than that.”

Parkour, or free running, is a physical activity in which people traverse obstacles in their path in one fluid motion using various athletic skills, such as jumping, vaulting and climbing.

“I started doing this in about 2005 when 'Tom Yum Goong' came out,” says Naveed, who’s studying for his master’s at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) “I was always watching Jackie Chan movies and was fascinated by them. A friend of mine then came over from the U.S. and introduced me to parkour.”

It looks fun on the big screen, seeing the likes of Jackie Chan bust out fancy moves to evade the baddies, but pakour isn’t to be taken lightly, says Naveed, who is equally happy free running by himself or training others.

“I had a guy from Pakistan doing it, but he shattered his shoulder when he tried to jump a gap he’d seen some of us doing,” he adds.

Naveed has seen 90 percent of his parkour pals come and go over the years, many of them quitting once they realize it isn’t all about movie-like action sequences.

“When I first started doing it, it was a lot of fun,” he says. “I wanted to do big gaps and moves. Now it’s become a lot more philosophical. It gets me away from stress. Just getting the fundamentals down is the challenge, building my flow.”

The big moves no longer hold any appeal for Naveed, whose previous injuries include a popped elbow, twisted ankle and numerous cuts and bruises.

Bangkok being the urban jungle it is, Naveed says there are lots of potential parkour spots: the grounds at the Thammasat Rangsit campus are chock full of obstacles, as are parks such as Benjasiri (next to Emporium), Chatuchak and Queen Sirikit (Chatuchak district).

Although Naveed often does parkour solo, he’s always on the hunt for new recruits keen to learn the art of jump. One of Naveed’s current sidekicks is 23-year-old Zuhaib Khan, a fellow AIT student who got a kick out of parkour videos on Youtube and wanted to try it for himself.

“I find it fascinating, but I’m just a beginner,” says gangly Khan. “It’s fun, but when you’re starting, you need some guidance. Some of the moves are easy for me, but others are more dangerous.”

Physical conditioning has an impact on a person’s ability to do parkour, said Naveed, adding that those who come from sporting backgrounds usually find it easier to come to grips with the fundamental aspects of free running, such as balance and agility.

source: cnngo.com

Beyonce Knowles Wants to Go Indie on Next Album

Beyonce is inspired by her sister Solange Knowles and wants to record something out-of-the-box by working with indie artists.

Beyonce Knowles recently said during an interview that she would like to collaborate with unsigned artists for her next year release. She said the idea was inspired by her sister/singer Solange Knowles.

"There's so many people I'd like to work with still, but I'd like to maybe go outside of the box," Beyonce told The Observer. "My sister [Solange] has put me on to bands like [indie group] Of Montreal and some other different types of artists. I would love to do something like that on my next album."

Beyonce Knowles announced her plan to release a fourth solo studio album during her last U.K. stop of "I Am..." tour in Nottingham earlier this month. "This is my last show for this tour in the U.K., so hopefully, I'll see you all in a year with a new album," so she said at that time.

Beyonce recently dropped "I Am...Sasha Fierce [2nd Deluxe Edition]" and a DVD album "I Am...Yours. An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas" across U.S. on November 23. In the second deluxe package, she adds an extended version of "Video Phone" in which she makes a duet with Lady GaGa.

Preview of 'Dexter' 4.11: Hello, Dexter Morgan

Dexter is in desperate move to stop Debra from catching Trinity and he threatens the serial killer to bring him some money.

Dexter's worst fears have been realized. Because of Debra's unrelenting pursuit, Miami Metro is just one step away from discovering the identity of the Trinity Killer. And Dexter can't let that happen. Arthur's arrest would not only deprive Dexter of a satisfying kill, it would also expose the secret life Dexter's been leading in his pursuit of this monster.

Dexter must take drastic action to buy himself time to deal with Trinity in his own fashion. Meanwhile, Rita decides to confide in Dexter, which doesn't go as well as she'd hoped. LaGuerta and Batista's breach of ethics paints them into a very tight corner. And Arthur, who still can't understand why Dexter didn't simply turn him in, begins his own bloody investigation into Kyle Butler.

"Dexter" airs the episode before the season finale on Sunday, December 6. Two clips have been released, one covering the phone conversation between Trinity and Dexter in which Dexter asks for money, and the other focusing on the interrogation of Christine.

source: aceshowbiz.com

'New Moon' Drops 70 Percent in Ticket Sales, Still Tops Box Office

Despite the big decline, the 'Twilight' sequel has managed to return to the first place after being beaten by 'The Blind Side' on Thanksgiving.

For the second straight weeks, "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" became the champion of North American box office. The second installment of the vampire drama film series collected an estimated $42.5 million over the last weekend or 70% less than the previous week haul of $142.8 million.

Internationally, the "Twilight" sequel has grossed $243 million on its first ten days. Speaking about the film's achievement, Richard Fay, the president of domestic distribution for Summit, said "the movie continued to do strong repeat business from mostly teenage girls who are fans of the movies and books, and it was able to expand its audiences to include older women."

Following "New Moon" was "The Blind Side", which won over the Kristen Stewart-starring movie during Thanksgiving holiday. The Sandra Bullock football drama film took in $40.1 million in its second week. The Rolland Emmerich's apocalyptic movie "2012 (2009)", meanwhile, dropped 31.8% in ticket sales with $18.0 million and secured the third place.

Making a quite impressive work on this weekend box office was "Old Dogs", which has just been released on November 25. The comedy film starring John Travolta and Robin Williams grossed approximately $16.8 million and landed the fourth spot. Sitting on the fifth place, in the meantime, was Disney's "A Christmas Carol (2009)" with $16.0 million intake.

Top Ten Movies at Box Office for November 27-29:

1. "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" - $42.5 million
2. "The Blind Side" - $40.1 million
3. "2012 (2009)" - $18.0 million
4. "Old Dogs" - $16.8 million
5. "A Christmas Carol (2009)" - $16.0 million
6. "Ninja Assassin" - $13.1 million
7. "Planet 51" - $10.2 million
8. "Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire" - $7.1 million
9. "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" - $7.0 million
10."The Men Who Stare at Goats" - $1.5 million

source: aceshowbiz.com

Rachel Uchitel Denies Having Affair With Tiger Woods

Despite mounting reports to the contrary, Rachel insists she never has an affair with the golfer and denies knowing the "friends" who put the story in the press.

Rachel Uchitel, the mistress romantically linked to Tiger Woods, has denied she is having an affair with the golfer. In a candid interview with FOX News Channel on Saturday, November 28, she claimed the mounting affair story, which was first brought to the surface by National Enquirer, was made-up.

"I never crossed paths with Tiger in Melbourne - not in a restaurant, not in the gym, not in the lobby, nothing," Uchitel insisted during the interview when referring to on-going claim that she hooked up with Woods in Australia. The 33-year-old, moreover, denied knowing the two "friends" that put the much-talked affair story in the press.

"This is not something I want to be involved with at all," Rachel was quoted as claiming, "I'm not trying to go out there saying I'm having an affair with Tiger Woods."

The day before, November 27, just minutes after Woods' single car crash, Rachel spoke to Us Weekly, stating "I did not have an affair with Tiger Woods. I met him twice and have not heard from him since." She, additionally, wished him well, but added "this has nothing to do with me. I don't understand why anyone would think this is anything to do with me."

On the same occasion, Rachel also told the publication that she has contacted National Enquirer and offered to take a polygraph to prove the truth. The media refused it though. "They told me it was too late and the story was running anyway," said Rachel. In a conversation days before Woods' crash, Rachel also insisted her innocence.

By Sunday morning, November 29, Rachel was spotted arriving at LAX and was greeted by top notch lawyer Gloria Allred, who told photographers that "at some point we'll decide what the next step is," but refused to offer further detail.

source: aceshowbiz.com

Christmas tree decoration

Sunday, November 29, 2009
A fixture in the shape of a Christmas tree is reflected on the glass entrance to the metro station at Puerta del Sol in Madrid November 27, 2009.

A Christmas tree decoration that reads "Merry Christmas" is displayed at the Christkindelsmaerik (the Christ Child market) in Strasbourg November 28, 2009. Held annually since 1570, Strasbourg's Christ Child Market , known as the oldest French Christmas market, started on Saturday.

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 27: First Lady Michelle Obama (2nd R) and daughters Sasha (C) and Malia (R) welcome Eric and Gloria Sundback (L), who donated the official White House Christmas Tree, at the North Portico of the White House on November 27, 2009 in Washington, DC. The 18 and a half foot Douglas fir will stand in the Blue Room throughout the holidays.

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 27: First lady Michelle Obama welcomes the White House Christmas Tree at the North Portico of the White House on November 27, 2009 in Washington, DC. The 18 and a half foot Douglas fir was donated by Eric and Gloria Sundback of Shepherdstown, West Virginia; the tree will stand in the Blue Room throughout the holidays.

credit photo: Reuters

The World Weightlifting Championships in Goyang

Dmitry Lapikov of Russia fails his attempt in the clean and jerk of the men's group A 105-kilogram category of the World Weightlifting Championships in Goyang, west of Seoul, South Korea, Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009. Dmitry won the silver medal scoring total of 416 kilograms.

Overall gold medallist Marcin Dolega of Poland (C), silver medallist Dmitry Lapikov of Russia (L) and bronze medalist Albert Kuzilov of Georgia pose on the podium after the men's 105kg weightlifting competition at the World Weightlifting Championships in Goyang, north of Seoul, November 29, 2009.

Gold medalist Marcin Dolega of Poland, center, silver medalist Dmitry Lapikov of Russia and bronze medalist Albert Kuzilov of Georgia, in black, listen to Poland's national anthem during a medal ceremony of the men's group A 105-kilogram category of the World Weightlifting Championships in Goyang, west of Seoul, South Korea, Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009. Dolega lifted a total of 421 kilograms.

Albert Kuzilov of Georgia competes in the men's 105kg weightlifting clean and jerk competition at the World Weightlifting Championships in Goyang, north of Seoul, November 29, 2009. Kuzilov won the overall bronze medal at the event.

Gia Machavariani of Georgia fails his attempt in the men's 105kg weightlifting snatch competition at the World Weightlifting Championships in Goyang, north of Seoul, November 29, 2009.

An Yong-kwon of South Korea fails his attempt in the men's +105kg weightlifting snatch competition at the World Weightlifting Championships in Goyang, north of Seoul, November 29, 2009.

credit photo: AP

'Up in the Air' Goes Behind the Scene in New Featurette

Beside featuring commentaries from several filmmakers and cast for the George Clooney's drama film, the snippet also exposes the major character who does not have a personal life.

Paramount Pictures has released a new featurette for drama comedy film "Up in the Air". Making its way out via Apple, the snippet presents a commentary from director Jason Reitman about George Clooney's Ryan Bingham as well as shows the making of the film.

Additionally, in the sneak peek video, several actresses also talked about working on the upcoming movie. The snippet, moreover, gives a look at the life of Bingham, who does not have a personal life and he numbs himself with sex, booze and drugs.

Based on 2001 novel by Walter Kirn of the same title, "Up in the Air" revolves around a corporate downsizing expert whose cherished life on the road is threatened just as he is on the cusp of reaching ten million frequent flyer miles and just after he's met the frequent-traveler woman of his dreams. Beside George Clooney, the film is also starred by Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick.

source: aceshowbiz.com

NHL hockey action in Vancouver, British Columbia November 28, 2009

Vancouver Canucks Ryan Kesler (R) watches a shot from teammate Mikael Samuelsson beat Edmonton Oilers Devan Dubnyk (L) during third period NHL hockey action in Vancouver, British Columbia November 28, 2009.

Vancouver Canucks' Christian Ehrhoff (C) celebrates his goal against the Edmonton Oilers with teammates Mikael Samuelsson (L) and Alexander Edler during first period NHL hockey action in Vancouver, British Columbia November 28, 2009.

Vancouver Canucks Darcy Hordichuk (R) trips Edmonton Oilers Jason Strudwick during first period NHL hockey action in Vancouver, British Columbia November 28, 2009.

Vancouver Canucks Henrik Sedin (R) is stopped by Edmonton Oilers Devan Dubnyk during second period NHL hockey action in Vancouver, British Columbia November 28, 2009.

Vancouver Canucks' Darcy Hordichuk (R) hits Edmonton Oilers' Zack Stortini during second period NHL hockey action in Vancouver, British Columbia November 28, 2009.

credit photo: Reuters

Your Shanghai metro shopping guide

Saturday, November 28, 2009
Shanghai’s metro system isn’t only for getting around, it has some of the best shopping this city has to offer -- all without stepping foot into Shanghai’s winter weather

Your real holiday shopping might be weeks away, but you need to start your recon now to do it well -- and what's easier than gift buying on your walk home through the subway? The metro malls are a shoppers best friend if you know how to navigate them.

Best time to go metro shopping:
Weekdays in the early afternoon. Expect a lot of shoppers on Sundays and, of course, rush hours are always busy.

Dress code:
It may be cold outside, but in the subways, it’s nice and warm. In some places, a little too warm. Wear a coat that you don’t mind carrying.

Getting there
Take Line 1 to Xujiahui station to find the Meiluocheng shopping mall.
Take Line 1, 2 or 8 to People’s Square station (Renmin Guangchang ditie zhan) and its underground shopping complex, 1930 Fengqing Jie.
Take Line 3 or 4 to Zhongshan Park station for the Longzhimeng shopping mall.
Take Line 2 to Jing'an Temple station.

Making the purchase
Although there's plenty to buy (and some stores will take UnionPay), there are very few ATMs below ground so play it safe and bring cash.

Metro shopping: Meiluocheng Mall, Xujiahui

1. How better to wish someone happy holidays then with chocolates and stuffed animals? If you know a girlie girl, this is the present for her. Find this chocolate and bears gift (and just about any other pink object) at La Barnie (Guo Zi Muchang) near Xujiahui subway station's exit 9 to Meiluocheng Mall. Prices vary with bouquet, but the one in the photo is RMB 199.

2. You don't have to be a shoe gazer to love these punk, glossy red "leather" Doc Martins (RMB 899) from Really Town Shoes. Bonus score: Colored socks free with each pair of shoes. These kicks are located inside the Xujiahui subway station, near exit 14.

Metro shopping: People's Square Station/1930 Fengqing

1. Who says an iPhone has to be your only toy? So not true. This F-45 Phantom model kit is just one of the assortment of reasonably-priced models available (under RMB 50 per set) that's perfect for the kid in you -- or any kid in your life. Find the Model Shop inside People’s Square subway station (#1-101) by exit 17.

2. Nothing like a few accessories to spruce up an holiday outfit. Get last minute necklaces, watches and small gifts (you need to get the hostess something) at Li Pin #2 in the underground shopping mall in People’s Square subway station by exit 2.

3. Guanjie xiong (movable bears) are a local favorite -- and really they're just kind of awesome. Think of them as grown-up teddy bears. Guanjie xiong come in just about any color or design for less than RMB 100. Find an assortment of bears at INMAX (#S-F) in 1930 Fengqing Jie in People’s Square subway station.

4. Flash back to earlier times when a Wii wasn't on every 3-year-old's Christmas wish list with these children’s rocking horses (RMB 198). These and so many other great kid’s toys are available at Gogowoo (store #4, 2A), one of the many gezi dian (small goods shops) located in People’s Square subway station's 1930 Fengqing Jie.

Metro shopping: Zhongshan Park

1. Candy is dandy during the holiday but jelly beans are great year-round. Stopping here is a great alternative to buying expensive imported jelly bean brands -- and with jelly beans in hand, you'll be welcome just about anywhere you're heading. The jelly bean shop is located in the underground food court inside Zhongshan Park subway station (Basement level 2, #B2004).

2. Honey for your honey? Available in flavors and prices to please all honey-lovers, this natural sugar is at Sen Feng Yuan (#2012) in the underground of the Longzhimeng shopping mall, next to Carrefour.

Metro shopping: Jing'an Temple

1. Tibetan dong chong xia cao ("winter insect summer grass" or caterpillar fungi) is said to have great health benefits (in traditional Chinese medicine it's used as an aphrodisiac and as a treatment for a variety of ailments from fatigue to cancer), and is priced to match at RMB 500-2,000 a piece. Find this gift of health at Rong He Tang Yan Wo in the Jing’an Temple subway station, City Plaza, level B1.

source: CNNGO.com

Video: Lady GaGa Performs on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Lady GaGa is praised by Ellen DeGeneres for performing her 'Bad Romance' and 'Speechless' live on November 27.

One day after Thanksgiving, Lady GaGa made her way to sing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". She opened the show with "Bad Romance" performance, playing the piano before then joining her backing dancers for up-beat dance routine. She also brought "Speechless" to close the November 27 talk-show.

Aside from having live performances, Lady GaGa also sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for an interview segment. Among other topics she talked about with the host were her younger years and outrageous outfits. When praised by Ellen for singing live, she said, "Aren't we supposed to sing? It's part of the gig isn't it?"

On another news, Lady GaGa is confirmed to perform live on ITV1's "The X Factor" along with Janet Jackson. The two will rock the show on December 6. Other big stars who are also expected to sing on upcoming episodes of the U.K. singing competition are Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Paul McCartney.

"Bad Romance" performance:

Two Finalists of New Victoria's Secret Angel Unveiled

Kylie Bisutti is the active 19-year-old who has 'the longest leg' while Jamie Lee Darley is the 23-year-old who is busty but won't lose pounds to be the stereotype.

It has been over two weeks since the public voting of new Victoria's Secret model was opened. Two girls have come out as the finalists and they are both blond and coming from California. Either Kylie Bisutti from Simi Valley or Jamie Lee Darley from Brentwood will walk down the sexy runway on December 1 to join the other angels.

"Ironically Kylie and I, we were the closest girls in the house," Jamie comments on them advancing to the next round. Now that they are competing against each other, Jamie admits that they "haven't stayed as close." Kylie herself is more than excited to be a contender. She says, "It's been my absolute dream to be a Victoria's Secret model. I was born to walk that runway, I have the longest legs."

One of them will walk along with Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio, Behati Prinsloo and Marisa Miller at the annual fashion show which actually had taken place in New York City on November 19.

Viewers are encouraged to keep voting for their favorite up until two and a half hours into the show which kicks off at 10/9c.

Storyline for Two 'Sherlock Holmes' Sequels Is Planned

Revealing the plan for 'Sherlock Holmes' sequels is the lead actor Robert Downey Jr., who admits that he would really love to reprise his role in the next installments of the film.

Though it is still about a month away until "Sherlock Holmes" hits theaters, two sequels have been planned. In an interview with Empire magazine, actor Robert Downey Jr. revealed that he and several filmmakers have had ideas about how storyline for the next movies will be.

"Between Guy [Ritchie-director] and me, the missus (producer Susan Levin) and Joel Silver (producer), we definitely know what we would like to do for the next two sequels," Downey Jr. said. He then added, "But I want to add a massive disclaimer - I'm just generally a confident person. I've no idea where anything is going to go."

Beside showing his confidence about the future of "Sherlock Holmes" film franchise, Downey Jr. has also admitted that he would love to work on several "Iron Man" movies until he is retired. "To tell you the truth, I would be happy to bounce back and forth between Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark until I am forcibly retired. And also, fortunately, not unlike Iron Man, there is a way to continue along the lines of it and not become increasingly embarrassed by my greying hair and ropey muscles," he claimed.

Back in September, there was report that Warner Bros. Pictures has been planning to develop "Sherlock Holmes 2". Additionally, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned Brad Pitt may be seen playing villain Moriarty in the second installment. However, as of the press time both the studio and the actor have not confirmed the news.

The first "Sherlock Holmes" is based on Lionel Wigram's comic book and will present a new portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous characters. Due for December 25 U.S. release, it has Robert Downey Jr. as the titular character, Jude Law as Dr. John Watson, and Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler, Holmes' love interest, in addition to Mark Strong who is set to play Lord Blackwood.

source: aceshowbiz.com

Jessica Biel Brands Justin Timberlake Break-Up Rumors 'Weird and Bizzare'

"You do really have to just get into a place where you feel Zen (at peace) about it," Jessica shares the best way to deal with gossip.

After keeping mum on the mounting rumors of her breaking up from boyfriend Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel finally breaks her silence on the issue, telling U.K. newspaper The Independent in an interview she finds the split reports "weird and sort of bizarre to deal with". She goes on stating, "But you have to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Honestly, I look at a magazine and they know more than I do."

The 27-year-old actress, moreover, shares the best way to deal with the press. "You do really have to just get into a place where you feel Zen (at peace) about it - take a deep breath and know that somebody is going to be taking your picture while you're going to the laundry and picking up your dry cleaning," so she enthuses.

Since they began dating back in 2007, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are often hit with break-up rumors. They manage to maintain their love relationship though and have repeatedly put united front together at several occasions despite the fact that they never make verbal comment on reports of them separating.

source: aceshowbiz.com

NBA basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina November 27, 2009.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) shoots against the Charlotte Bobcats during their NBA basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina November 27, 2009.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) drives to the basket against Charlotte Bobcats guard Raymond Felton (20) during their NBA basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina November 27, 2009

Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace loses his balance against Cleveland Cavaliers guard Anthony Parker (L) and guard Mo Williams (2) during their NBA basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina November 27, 2009.

Charlotte Bobcats guard Raymond Felton (20) drives to the basket against Cleveland Cavaliers Mo Williams (C) and center Shaquille O'Neal (2nd L) during their NBA basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina November 27, 2009. At left is Nazr Mohammed.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Anderson Varejao of Brazil (R) drives to the basket against Charlotte Bobcats center Tyson Chandler (C) during their NBA basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina November 27, 2009.

credit photo: Reuters

Jay-Z Brings in Diamond Girls to 'On to the Next One' Video

Friday, November 27, 2009
Jay-Z's music video for Swizz Beatz-featuring song 'On to the Next One' will also have extras applying tribal make-up.

Jay-Z has begun filming another music video, this time around to support his single "On to the Next One". Three photos from the video shoot have come out via Jay-Z World, featuring three diamond girls and a stunt girl in tribal make-up jumping to the air.v

"On to the Next One" samples Justice's 2007 song "D.A.N.C.E." and features verses from Swizz Beatz. Also coming from the production hands of Beatz, the track is taken from Jay-Z's latest studio project "The Blueprint 3".

Most recently, Jay-Z is rumored to take the stage of London's Earls Court on February 16. The rap mogul reportedly will perform a medley of his hit singles at 2010 BRIT Awards. "Jay-Z is confirmed as one of the key performers. In weak years there have been problems securing the big international artists. But knowing Jay-Z is there will help to secure other big acts now," a source revealed.