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Brangelina chill out with Pax and Maddox on the beach

Monday, May 31, 2010
By Daily Mail Reporter

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enjoy their drinks on the beach in Malibu, while Maddox and Pax play in the ocean

Brangelina took a break from their busy schedules to relax on the beach with two of their six children – and a couple of margaritas.

The Hollywood duo was at a beach party with friends in Malibu and a bearded Brad made sure to enjoy his tequila cocktail.

Meanwhile two of their brood, Pax, 6, and Maddox, 8, played in the water with their boogie boards and ran around on the sand.

The Tomb Raider actress dressed down for the casual occasion in a loose black shirt, black trousers and a brown hat – but despite being out in the sun, showed no sign of a tan.

Brad Pitt holds onto his margarita while at a friend's beach party in Malibu

While a dishevelled looking Brad, 46, opted for a white polo shirt and khaki trousers for the family day out.

Angie, 34, was later snapped reading The Week magazine, which publishes political commentary from global media.

And her political reading comes as no surprise after reports said this week that Brad is thinking of running for a spot in the White House in 2016.

A source told Showbiz Spy: ‘There’s not much left for him to do in Hollywood. Brad feels there’s a lot more for him to do in politics, especially considering the rough years the world had experienced recently.

‘Brad will run for Senate and if all goes well will mount a bid to become President in 2016.’

We just hope he shaves off that beard for the campaign posters.

Brangelina's two oldest children, Maddox and Pax play in the ocean with their boogie boards and kick around on the sand

source: dailymail

Cheryl Cole 'spends three nights with dancer Derek Hough at the home she shared with Ashley'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Close: Cheryl Cole was spotted arriving at her home with Derek Hough on Thursday and Friday nights last week

Cheryl Cole has spent three nights with dancer Derek Hough at the home she once shared with ex Ashley, it was claimed today.

The singer was spotted arriving at her home with the handsome dancer, 25, on Thursday and Friday nights last week, just days after she filed for divorce from Cole.

The pair have become increasingly close after they performed a raunchy dance routine for the video clip for her single Parachute.

Friends: The pair seemed deep in conversation as they sat in the back of a taxi

Derek flew to be by Cheryl's side just hours after he and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger were crowned U.S. Dancing with the Stars champions last week.

A source told The News of the World: 'Cheryl was desperate to see Derek. She's been speaking to him almost every day and he's helped her get through this awful time.'

'She really wanted Derek to come to London to be with her earlier but he couldn't leave the States because he was partnering Nicole Scherzinger on Dancing with the Stars.

'But that ended just as Cheryl decided to go through with the divorce. She begged Derek to come and he instantly agreed.'

Up close and personal: Derek joined Cheryl on stage at the O2 Arena this week as she performed her single Parachute

Chemistry: Derek joined Cheryl on stage after watching her performance from the wings

Their chemistry was evident as Derek joined her on stage at the O2 arena after watching from the wings on Thursday night.

The pair performed their dance routine for Parachute and Cheryl then invited her friend back to her luxurious Surrey mansion, where he reportedly spent three nights.

'It was a very big decision on her part. But she loves spending time with Derek,' a source told the News of the World.

Friendship: Derek, pictured with Cheryl in LA in February, has been a source of comfort to the star during her split from Ashley Cole

A friend said Ashley, who is currently in Austria preparing for the World Cup, would view Cheryl's behaviour as a 'devastating blow.'

But they said Derek was likely to become more significant in the Girls Aloud star's life.

'Derek's the complete opposite to Ashley. He's very caring and supportive to Cheryl.

She's made it very clear she can't rush into another serious relationship, but he's very keen on her and is prepared to follow her around the world.'

She's opened up to him about Ashley so he knows how vulnerable she is at the moment, which makes him want to be there for her even more.

Cheryl has also been linked with Black Eyed Peas star Will-i-am, who is said to have fallen for the 26-year-old.

Split: Cheryl announced she was filing for divorce this week, four years after marrying Ashley

source: dailymail

Tired, but happy: Denise Van Outen and Lee Mead take baby Betsy out to enjoy the London sunshine

By Mail Online Showbiz Reporter

Happy: Lee Mead and Denise Van Outen take newborn daughter Betsy shopping in London

There's nothing more tiring, or rewarding, than looking after a newborn baby.

But Denise Van Outen and Lee Mead seem to have taken it in their stride - judging from photographs of them out shopping with daughter Betsy earlier this week.

There was no doubt the couple looked tired, but they also appeared to be revelling in every moment of being new parents.

As well as looking after their new daughter, Lee is also having to balance working on West End musical Wicked - a task he says is no easy feat.

But the 28-year-old says playing Fiyero in the show will also allow him to spend more time with his baby girl.

He said recently: 'It will be nice to have the days free and be called at half five to work and then I can play dad for a bit, it will be lovely.'

Worn out: The pair looked tired as they pushed Betsy through the London streets

But Lee isn't the only one to have taken on new challenges while learning to be a new parent.

Denise, 36, who looked stylish in a smock-style dress and biker boots, recently announced her intention to trek up the Inca trail with Fearne Cotton.

The pair, who climbed up Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief last year, will be joined by celebrity friends Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott, Holly Willoughby and Abbey Clancy when they start the trek in September to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care.

Stylish: New mum Denise looked trendy in a smock-style dress and biker boots

Speaking about the expedition, Denise said: 'The Inca trek is something I have always wanted to do.

'Fearne and I had the idea a while ago and we're excited that the other girls have signed up. Ever since we climbed Kili we have been looking for a new challenge.'

The trek, which goes through the Andes mountain towards the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, will also be shown in a two-part ITV2 documentary

source: dailymail

My oh Miley! Disney star struts around on stage in a VERY racy costume

Sunday, May 30, 2010
By Daily Mail Reporter

Miley, how you've grown! Miss Cyrus performed at the Rock in Rio music festival in Portugal today

Miley Cyrus is desperate to shed her wholesome Disney image - and she's certainly going about it the right way.

The Hannah Montana actress took to the stage at the Rock in Rio music festival in Lisbon, Portugal, today in a very daring outfit.

The 17-year-old put on a series of raunchy moves as she strutted around in a corset-style costume.

She topped off the revealling outfit with a studded leather jacket and towering peep-toe shoe boots.

All grown up: The teen strutted around in a raunchy costume

The star is promoting her new single, Can't Be Tamed, and is clearly eager to keep up with the likes of sexy pop stars including Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Britney Spears.

It comes just weeks after a video of her 'dirty dancing' with 45-year-old film producer Adam Shankman surfaced on the internet.

The clip, which was filmed when Miley was just 16, was originally posted by celebrity website TMZ.com before hitting YouTube. But it has now been removed.

Keeping up with the pop stars: The singer appears to be mimicking the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna

However, it didn't worry her father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who spent last week in Mexico with Miley and the rest of his family.

He said Miley was merely 'having fun' and 'doing what people her age do'.

Meanwhile, Miley has decided that she plans to put her education on hold while she focuses on acting and singing.

She said: 'I am a firm believer that you can go back at any age you want, because my grandma went back to college at 62 years old.'

New sound: The Disney star is promoting her new single, Can't Be Tamed

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Robbie Williams waves goodbye to his £7.5m mansion ...and the little green men

By Martin Delgado

Take that: Robbie Williams is selling Compton Bassett House at a £600,000 loss

When Robbie Williams splashed out £8.1million last year on a seven-bedroom country mansion, the purchase was said to have been inspired by his fascination for extraterrestrial life.

But now the former Take That star is selling it at a £600,000 loss after apparently failing to spot any little green men.

Compton Bassett House, which has its own helicopter hangar, is one of Wiltshire’s grandest privately owned properties. But when Williams bought it, it was claimed that what really attracted him to the area was the reported presence of ley lines

Sci-fi enthusiasts claim these are ‘mystical energy routes’ that guide UFOs – a phenomenon in which Williams is deeply interested.

The county is also known for its mysterious crop circles, which some devotees believe are caused by aliens.

Yet the singer has now put the mansion on the market for £7.5million and plans to live full-time in Los Angeles – where he and his girlfriend, American model and actress Ayda Field, have another home.

Danny Adams, landlord of the White Horse Inn in the village of Compton Bassett, said: ‘He bought the house to be near the crop circle goings-on, thinking that to be spiritual stuff, but he’s probably realised it’s just a load of blokes stamping round the fields at night.

'To be honest, he didn’t play much of a part in village life. He never came to the pub but we would see him walking his dogs from time to time.’

City of angels: Robbie Williams is planning to live full-time in LA, where he has a property with Ayda Field

The 36-year-old singer and songwriter, who was born in Stoke-on-Trent, would occasionally have a fried breakfast at the Divine Cafe in the nearby village of Cherhill.

But locals said he had not been seen there or at Compton Bassett House for weeks.
The mansion has eight bathrooms, a library, a luxury leisure complex, two staff flats, a pavilion, a tennis court and 70 acres of surrounding parkland.

Built in the 18th century, it has been extensively restored and boasts a swimming pool in the basement, decorated with Greek-style Doric pillars.

But now it appears that the lure of Ms Field has proved overwhelming.

Last year Williams stunned her by proposing on a live radio programme in Sydney, Australia.

However, his publicist said later that it had been a joke and Williams himself wrote on his blog that they were not engaged.

Williams’s impending departure has done little to disturb the equilibrium of Compton Bassett’s 250 residents.

A neighbour said: ‘He’s just another blow-in from London who’s blowing out again.

'It won’t make any difference to us and if you hadn’t mentioned it, no one would have noticed he’s gone.’

source :dailymail

BP faces wave of oil protests as it pleads for patience over 'top kill' effort to plug ruptured well

Saturday, May 29, 2010
By Mail Foreign Service

Protestors pour a mixture of water and paint resembling oil on themselves during a demonstration at a BP gas station in Manhattan yesterday

Two days after BP began a risky effort to stop a gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, company officials refused to say whether America's worst oil spill would end any time soon.

BP warned that it could be Sunday or later before it becomes clear whether its bid to plug the well through an effort known as a 'top kill' is working.

Experts said they could see incremental progress at best from BP's 'spillcam' of mud, gas and oil billowing from the seafloor.

The hypnotic video has become an Internet sensation.

Black stuff: The Manhattan protest came as BP continued its latest effort to stop the oil spill

The group condemned BP for its response to the oil spill and the damage company is causing to the environment

Scientists say the images may offer clues to whether BP is getting the upper hand in its struggle to contain the oil, said Tony Wood, director of the National Spill Control School at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi.

If the stuff coming out of the pipe is jet black, it is mostly oil and BP is losing. If it is whitish, it is mostly gas and BP is also losing.

If it is muddy brown, as it was much of Friday, that may be a sign that BP is starting to win, he said.

That 'may in fact mean that there's mud coming up and mud coming down as well,' which is better than oil coming out, Wood said.

Philip Johnson, an engineering professor at the University of Alabama, said the camera appeared to show mostly drilling mud leaking from the well Friday morning, and two of the leaks appeared a little smaller than in the past, suggesting the top kill 'may have had a slight but not dramatic effect.'

But Bob Bea, a professor of engineering at University of California at Berkeley who has studied offshore drilling for 55 years, said late Friday that what he saw didn't look promising.

Damage control: U.S. President Barack Obama at Fourchon Beach today. Facing criticism that his government is not doing enough to stop the oil spill crisis, he has stepped up personal involvement

Crude oil as it escapes from the Deepwater Horizon BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil continue to escape as BP and federal officials try to stop it

Crews conduct controlled burns near the Deepwater Horizon/BP incident site in the Gulf of Mexico

He likened the effort to pushing food into a reluctant baby's mouth - it only works if the force of the stuff going down is more than the force of what's coming up.

'It's obvious that the baby's spitting the baby food back' because the pressure pushing up from the well is stronger, Bea said.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama visited the coast yesterday to see the damage as he tried to emphasize that his administration was in control of the crisis, which began on April 20 when the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform blew up and killed 11 workers.

'I'm here to tell you that you are not alone, you will not be abandoned, you will not be left behind,' he told people in Grand Isle, where the beach has been closed by gobs of oil and the frustration and anger are palpable.

'The media may get tired of the story, but we will not. We will be on your side and we will see this through.'

He also urged the public to volunteer to join the cleanup and for tourists to help by visiting the majority of the region's coastline that is untouched.

Hundreds of workers hit the beaches ahead of Obama's visit, cleaning debris from the shoreline before they hopped on buses and left soon after the president arrived.

'This is the cleanest I've ever seen the beach,' Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said. 'We saw a surge of activity the last couple of days. Let's hope it continues now that he's gone.'

The top kill operation began on Wednesday, with BP pumping heavy drilling mud into the blown-out well in an effort to choke off the source of the spill which has released anywhere from 18 million gallons to 40 million gallons of oil by the government's estimate.

Oil impacts Redfish Bay in Louisiana's birdsfoot delta, where the Mississippi River empties into the Gulf of Mexico

BP CEO Tony Hayward takes a first hand look at the recovery operations aboard the Discover Enterprise drill ship in the Gulf of Mexico 55 miles south of Venice, Louisiana

The black area shows the extent of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Coast Guard spokesman Thad Allen said the denser-than-water mud had pushed down the oil and gas that's forcing its way up from underground, but the mud had not overwhelmed the gusher.

BP has brought in about 2.5 million gallons of drilling mud for the top kill. BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles said yesterday the procedure was going basically as planned, though the pumping has stopped several times.

'The fact that it's stopped and started is not unusual,' Suttles said. 'We're going to stay at this as long as we need to.'

He said the company has also shot in assorted junk, including metal pieces and rubber balls, which seemed to be helping to counter pressure from the well. The first infusion of junk was on Thursday evening.

A top kill has never been attempted 5,000 feet underwater, and public fascination is high.

A large drilling vessel floats near the Deepwater Horizon disaster area, where the BP leased oil platform exploded last month

A pelican tries to clean its wings while standing in the water on an island littered with protective orange and white booms near Grand Isle, Louisiana

BP, under pressure from Congress, made available a live video feed of what is going on underwater, and about 3,000 websites were showing a version of it that the PBS 'Newshour' offered for free.

On Thursday alone, show spokeswoman Anne Bell said, more than a million people watched it. Many found it hypnotic.

'It made me wonder how I use energy and if this situation could teach us how much energy we use ourselves,' said Jeb Banner, 38, a web design and marketing company owner in Indianapolis who has been looking at the feed every hour or so since before the top kill started. 'It felt like a historic moment.'

BP says the best way to stop the oil for good is a relief well, but it won't be complete until August.

The company had been drilling a second relief well as a backup - Obama said on Thursday his administration pushed for it in case the first one did not stop the oil - but work on that has stopped while the rig that had been drilling it works on another option for stopping the oil.

'We actually started that well before this job started, so you shouldn't read that as any indication of anything about the top kill job,' BP's Suttles said.

Billy Ward, a developer who was building a gated fishing community that is now on hold because of the spill, said that Obama's visit was for show and that there was really nothing the president could do.

'It's the unknown that's killing us,' said Ward, who comes to Grand Isle with his family every weekend to stay in their beach house. 'We don't know if it's going to be six months or six years before we get back to normal, if ever. All we can do is pray.'

source: dailymail

So who will buy Louis Vuitton's £38,500 picnic set at their 'Alice in Wonderland' London store

By Liz Jones

Pride of place: The new Louis Vuitton store opened this week on New Bond Street

Friday morning and there’s an air of excitement hanging over one particular corner of New Bond Street. Above us tower three storeys dedicated entirely to the gold-embossed, fur-adorned, monogrammed, labeltastic world of Louis Vuitton.

This is the French luxury company’s brand spanking new store, oops, ‘maison’ (LV’s preferred terminology). Second only in size to its Paris flagship, and second to none when it comes to jaw-dropping, utterly OTT opulence.

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows are lined with monogrammed golden chainmail, creating a gilded cage, behind which one can glimpse the rare and exotic creatures within; luggage stacked almost higher than the eye can see, and mannequins sporting outfits that would cost more than most people’s monthly mortgage payments

As I joined the queue of 60 people — mostly women, mostly wearing ridiculous heels, some pushing state-of-the art prams housing over-accessorised infants — I couldn’t help but wonder: why aren’t all these people at work?

And if they’re on holiday, what on earth are they doing at a time when, as we’re constantly being told, the economy is on the verge of meltdown, waiting to enter a shop where even the most diminutive gift — a cardholder in the iconic monogrammed leather — will set you back a three-figure sum?

There was no rush as the doors opened: no fashionable woman these days can hurry anywhere, given the artworks on her feet. But we shuffled, old lady fashion, despite our Botoxed faces and aerobicised bodies, towards the latest, biggest, most expensive temple to taste — good or bad, you decide — this country has ever seen.

I felt like Alice stepping into Wonderland. Only I was stepping into the world of Louis Vuitton.

The refurbished store is nothing short of extraordinary: a bright hall of mirrors, designed by architect Peter Marino. While the company refuses to divulge exactly how much the revamp cost, industry experts have estimated that the final bill was between £30 and £50million. And you can see why.

Expensive taste: Louis Vuitton's picnic set costs a five-figure sum

The thick beige carpet underfoot was woven in a little Caribbean workshop owned by Marino, the silk wallpaper was lacquered on site with silver leaf, the ground floor shelves are plated with gold titanium, and where there is not silk, gold, silver, or titanium, there is French lacquer and wood.

Huge bunches of roses and peonies in delicate shades of pink, red and purple give off a heady fragrance that vies with the scent of leather and polish.

Across all three floors are ‘priceless’ artworks by achingly cool artists, such as Damien Hirst (he placed surgical instruments in a custom-made trunk), Japanese cartoonist Takashi Murakami (his contribution is a slightly terrifying, three-eyed, pink creature) and offbeat art duo Gilbert and George, whose mirrored self-portraits decorate the lower ground floor.

It is all of this that makes it a ‘maison’, apparently, as opposed to — well — a shop.

It is an homage to culture, you see. Not greed. On one side there is a wall of vintage trunks and cases, suspended on cables, like art. But for those interested in more contemporary luggage, there is a ‘bag bar’.

If you’ve never encountered a bag bar before — and frankly, who has? — think of it as being like one of those revolving sushi bars.

You perch on a stool but rather than seeing plates of salmon sashimi passing in front of you, there are heavily-logoed bits of Louis Vuitton luggage, like a fairground attraction for millionaires, or the ultimate Generation Game.

‘This is a happy store,’ said one of the black-clad, beautiful, young female sales assistants. ‘It is supposed to make you laugh.’

Laugh? I nearly cried when I inquired about the prices.

There are very few price tags, I soon learned, as these are vulgar, according to management. Strange how different people have different definitions of ‘vulgar’.

Personally I would have said that a fur bum bag, just one of the many items in questionable taste on display, was vulgar, but what would I know?

A whisky case, like a tiny trunk, made from crocodile skin, with separate compartments, containing a silver ice bucket and tongs, crystal tumblers, a crystal decanter with silver lid, (but no whisky) and two crystal ashtrays, was a snip at £41,000.

Travel in style: The 'maison' even sells an classic luggage set

‘Ashtrays? That’s not very modern,’ I said to the man who was standing over me imperiously, in case I were to break something or touch it with a human hand. ‘One could use them to house peanuts,’ he commented imperiously.

I asked if the crocodile skin used was organic or cruelty free, but by the raised eyebrows, I guess that treating our fellow creatures humanely is one little luxury too far.

Still, one had already been sold by 10.10am. To whom, I’ll never know. The maddeningly discreet staff refused to divulge.

Perhaps you need a picnic set, for £38,500? This is, of course, no ordinary picnic set. This is a picnic set that includes solid silver monogrammed cutlery, plates edged with silver leaf and embossed with the company logo, crystal glasses, and silver serving dishes.

The perfect complement? An LV embossed croquet set, and a custom made travel caviar set — with a double bowl (LV ice cubes not included), tiny plates, and a slide-out drawer to house the serving spoon and the individual caviar spoons, all in a crocodile skin case.

I didn’t dare ask the price of these last two, I felt that my black-clad hosts were getting a little irritated by my vulgarity in actually wanting to know what things on sale, in a shop, actually cost.

But before they clammed up entirely, I did discover that for those on a budget, there’s a shoe care kit, in a monogrammed bag, for £460. A veritable bargain!

A glass staircase runs throughout the building with constantly changing LED displays in the floor. When I decided to venture upstairs, the steps were blue.

Floor to ceiling: The London store is second only in size to its Paris flagship, and second to none when it comes to jaw-dropping, utterly OTT opulence

Lots of women were having problems with these stairs: the lights confused us, and made us even more unstable on our feet.

But upstairs is the altar to shoes, and I have two questions to beg here: why are shoe departments always up a flight of stairs, and why do shoes cost upwards of £800, and measure upwards of 6in high?

Also on the first floor was womenswear. But there were so many seasons of it on sale that I no longer knew what decade I was in: there was spring-summer, cruise, and pre-fall: lovely hot clothes mostly made out of fur (a biker jacket trimmed with the hideous stuff is £2,900), incongruous on such a hot summer’s day.

There is a trunk so that you can haul your loot to whatever far-flung time zone will be appropriate for your new clothes. I assume the people who shop here don’t worry about easyJet excess baggage fines. But I am slightly wrong.

I met lots of young women — late teens and early 20s — who have been saving every penny they have just to be able to shop here.

Eileen had come from Southend for the day. She is 18, works in a boutique, and has saved ‘for months’ for the limited edition ‘leopard’ scarf. She was nearly in tears because, by 10.20am, the turquoise version had sold out, despite its £600 tag.

I met Alicia, a hairdresser, who had flown here from Ireland (there were so many women from Ireland here for the first day): she is 22, and wants the ‘Artsy bag in olive, it’s about £860, that is a month’s wages but it is worth it’.

Why Louis Vuitton? Aren’t labels passé, too ostentatious in these difficult times? Her friend Shanel disagreed: ‘The recession is so over,’ she said, with a wave of her tanned hand.

But while Louis Vuitton wants you to know that people will happily pay 50 times more for the real McCoy instead of a fake, the brand got into trouble earlier this month with the Advertising Standards Authority for two advertisements depicting a craftsman using needle and thread; this was ‘misleading’, as most LV products are machine-produced.

Rather takes the gloss off, doesn’t it? And makes me feel a little sorry for the young women who buy into this myth.

Topping it is a tall order: The store has pulled out all the stops, including this scarf draped giraffe

Money, of course, does not equal taste. Would any sane person want a pair of gold biker shorts, for £580? I found all the military inspired fashion a bit obscene: shorts for £1,030, for example, when real soldiers are having to scrimp and save.

And finally I met Ridu, here in London from Mumbai via Dubai, who had just spent £400 on a pair of sunglasses.

‘Isn’t this a bit incongruous, when there are slums in Mumbai, and a global recession?’ She looked at me as though I were insane.

The world of Louis Vuitton is so seductive, so clever at luring you with its gloss of intellect, art and culture, you start to think that you are the shabby one for scurrying off to Primark, where there are, it has to be said, far bigger queues every day of the week.

The best bit of the whole store is downstairs, in the men’s department. With a sort of gentlemen’s club feel, the place is full of low tables, squishy sofas and lashings of leather.

Rather incongruously for a place devoted to conspicuous consumption there is an enormous artwork by English artist Michael Landy, best known for a performance piece that saw him destroying every one of his possessions.

His oeuvre here is a Heath Robinson affair made of a strange combination of antlers, teddy bears, a gonk and rusty tools. It includes a great big yawning bucket into which shoppers are invited to toss their exhausted credit cards.

The machine chews up the tiny oblongs of plastic that get so many of us into so much trouble, and spits them out.

My advice is to do just that first, and then explore the store and gape open-mouthed at the excess, at the life size giraffe in the window wearing scarves, at the caviar case, at the briefcase once owned by Princess Margaret (only the tacky royals are represented here) and then leave with a shudder, and without a backwards glance.

source: dailymail

Emma Bunton shows Friendship Never Ends as she wears a Victoria Beckham dress on the red carpet

By Sarah Bull

As one of London's favourite celebrities, Emma Bunton has a host of designer dresses to choose from every time she steps out on the red carpet.

But last night the singer showed that Friendship Never Ends as she made headlines when she wore an outfit designed by close friend Victoria Beckham for the Sex And The City 2 premiere.

The 34-year-old star looked stunning in the print wrap dress from Victoria's spring/summer 2010 collection, which she teamed with purple Yves Saint Laurent Tribute sandals.

Copycat: Victoria Beckham wore a strapless version of the dress Emma Bunton wore to the Sex And The City 2 premiere last night during London Fashion Week last year

The dress, which featured black, purple, pink and yellow paintbrush-style effects, flattered Emma's toned figure and higlighted her slim legs.

Victoria had worn a strapless version of the dress last year, but Emma decided to go for a more conservative version of the minidress instead.

The radio presenter, who has a two-year-old son Beau with boyfriend Jade Jones, recently revealed she is proud of her curves, and would never want to be too skinny.

Celebrity fan: Emma looked stunning in the print wrap dress from Victoria's spring/summer 2010 collection

Nailed it: Emma also painted her nails a bright orange colour for the event

She said: 'I like being curvy. I don't think I'd look good thin.

source :dailymail

Lady Gaga breaks down on stage as the Monster Ball comes back to the UK bigger and better than ever

Friday, May 28, 2010
By Charlotte Spratt

Tearful: Lady Gaga performed an emotional set and broke down crying during a tribute to her ill grandfather. She dedicated the song Brown Eyes to him and said 'If we all sing loud enough, maybe he can hear us!'

She is known for outrageous costumes and putting on one heck of a show.

And Lady Gaga delivered on all counts last night as she brought her Monster Ball tour back to the United Kingdom.

But what fans might not have expected was to see the softer side of the singer, who performed an emotional set before breaking down and crying as she talked about her sick grandfather who is in hospital.

Unique: Lady Gaga looks like something from a nightmare as she performs in a hairy outfit in Nottingham last night on her Monster Ball tour

Dedicating the song Speechless to him, she told the audience: 'If we all sing loud enough, maybe he can hear us!'

Half way through the song, Gaga had to pause to wipe away her tears.

And while the rare moment was not captured on camera, fans and reviewers were stunned to see her softer side.

But it was not long before she was back in the normal swing of things, bathing in an angel fountain spouting blood and gets friendly with her female dancers.

Her show in Nottingham is the first date of her second leg of the Monster Ball tour in Britain

Ooh la la, Gaga! The singer dons another hairy outfit with a yellow wig, gold veil and fishnets on stage last night

Queen of pop: Gaga performs with androgynous dancers at Nottingham's Trent FM arena

The Monster Ball show has controversial for reasons other than her shocking flame-thrower costumes and daring onstage antics.

Tickets for the second leg are double the cost of the first - between £50 and £75 a pop, rather than the initial dates which were organised by a different promoter and cost £27.50.

Promoters said the singer had scrapped the original staging, seen in the U.S., for a huge production which reportedly cost £2million with bigger staging and better costumes.

'What was a small arena/theatre production is now a massive, first rate arena production,' Arthur Fogel, chairman for Live Nation said earlier this year.

'Ticket prices for the previous dates were set long before the current Monster Ball show was developed. Ticket prices are comparable and fair.'

Firestarter: Gaga wore her usual quirky outfits - with flamethrowers and spiky dresses - but also showed a softer side when she burst into tears during a quieter song and paid tribute to her grandfather

Controversial: Lady Gaga writhes around in a fountain spouting 'blood'

Live Nation said the extra dates had been added - in Birmingham, Manchester and London in May and June - because of .overwhelming response'.

Tickets for last night's gig in Nottingham, and a further date in June in Sheffield, were priced at £27.50 because they were postponed from March.

But tickets for the O2 show on Sunday - which were sold at the higher price - are now trading from upwards of £60 and VIP tickets are selling for as much as £2,200.

During the Monster Ball world tour, Gaga has suffered a series of health scares.
And she revealed she has been tested for the potentially fatal disease lupus.

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The 24-year-old Paparazzi singer - who collapsed on stage while on tour in Japan earlier this year - revealed to The Times that her aunt died from the connective tissue disease.

She said: 'I'm very connected to my aunt, Joanne, who died of lupus, it's a very personal thing, I don't want my fans to be worried about me.'

Sealing her status as a world-class performer, Gaga's songs are to be performed on hit musical comedy Glee.

In the show, which aired in the US on Tuesday night, the cast performed renditions of her hits such as Poker Face and Bad Romance wearing typically odd outfits.

Gaga said last week: 'I love Glee. I love the cast and the creativity of the writers. I went to a musical theatre school, and used to dream that someday the students would be singing my songs.'

source: dailymail