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Cheryl Cole's £3m U.S. deal as singer signs up for American X Factor launch

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bye bye: Cheryl Cole will join Simon Cowell on the U.S. X Factor

One of her acts was sent home this weekend, but it seems Cheryl Cole still has something to celebrate.

The 27-year-old has discovered that she’s landed a place on the judging panel of the U.S. version of the X Factor, according to a source, in a deal worth up to £3million.

An insider had already suggested that Cole was a ‘good bet’ to join Simon Cowell on the show next year.

But on Saturday night, Mrs Cole was officially offered the job, the source said, only a week after executives from U.S. television network Fox flew in to watch the ITV talent show – and the judge – in action.

Cowell, 51, last week revealed that he planned to announce the judges for the U.S. version in December.

The multi-millionaire said: ‘I’m going to make an announcement within three or four weeks, which is going to tell everyone everything. There will be some surprises.’
He then revealed: ‘OK, one of the judges has quite long hair.’

Singer Nicole Scherzinger, who performed her new single Poison on Sunday night’s show, is also a favourite to join the judging panel after a successful stint standing in for Dannii Minogue at the auditions this summer.

Cheryl with her category on Sunday's results show: She joined the show two years ago

Mrs Cole is said to be keen to launch her music career in the U.S. and flew to meet record bosses at Universal earlier this month. They want to release her second solo album, Messy Little Raindrops, there next year.

Cowell helped the singer make the move away from her pop band Girls Aloud when he handed her the X Factor role two years ago.

Since then she has launched a successful solo music career – and increased her fame.
Mrs Cole, who has an estimated £10million fortune, will earn £1.5million for this series of the X Factor – but will make up to twice as much from her U.S. television deal, as the budget for the show is considerably larger.

She is already accustomed to the U.S. lifestyle, having spent weeks in Los Angeles working on her music and spending time with her close friend Derek Hough as she recovered from malaria.

The new look American Idol line-up: Judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. Cowell is hoping trounce the show with the US version of X Factor

She was in California as her divorce from her footballer husband Ashley Cole was finalised in October.

Friends of Mrs Cole said she was planning to make this series of the British X Factor her last in a bid to focus on breaking America.

However, she may not have to quit the UK version for the U.S. show as it is still not confirmed when, or if, the X Factor will return to UK screens next year.

A show source said: ‘When Cheryl goes to America she will also launch her music career there too.

Big move: Cheryl's relationship with dancer Derek Hough could also be a plus for her to move to the US

‘It’s the next part of her big plan, she’s an incredibly hard worker and she will definitely get a boost by appearing on the X Factor, which is set to be a sure-fire hit.’

Cowell quit American Idol this year to focus on the launch of X Factor USA.

When the British show finishes next month, Cowell will take a holiday and then start work in the U.S.

A source said: ‘This is everything to Cowell, he has to make sure it’s right.’
An X Factor spokesman said: ‘No decision has been made yet.’

source: dailymail

Oh la la! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt put on a romantic show at Paris film premiere


Black tie: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive in warm clothes for the Paris premiere of his new animated film Megamind

It's one of the most romantic cities in the world.

And judging by tonight, Paris has rubbed off on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The couple appeared smitten with each other as they appeared at the premiere of Brad's latest film Megamind in the French capital.

Sealed with a kiss: Brad and Angelina get cosy in the French capital

The couple arrived warmly dressed in black to keep out the Parisian cold, with Angelina sporting a velvet trouser suit and sparkling top.

Brad, who provides the voice of Metroman in the animated film, wore leather trousers and a dark grey suit jacket.

They appeared smitten on the blue carpet, with Brad at one point planting a kiss on a delighted Angelina's cheek and holding hands.

Brad also wrapped his arm around his partner as they chatted to the film's star Will Ferrell.

Look of love: Angelina and Brad couldn't take their eyes off each other

Look smart: The couple wrapped up warm in black coats, with Angelina sporting spiky black heels with her velvet trouser suit

Angelina also spent time with the waiting fans, signing autographs before she went inside.

The couple had spent the previous day with four of their six children as they celebrated their son Pax's seventh birthday by having a hot air balloon ride and riverboat cruise.

'They were like any other family,' the balloon's operator told People.'There was nothing out of the ordinary to tell you about them which made them any different from any other family.'

He added that the 'charming' couple had a 20 minute ride with the children who were 'excited but well-behaved. What I think they wanted was a little moment of peace.'

Happy together: The smiling couple share a joke with Brad's Megamind co-star Will Ferrell

Autograph hunter: Angelina meets and greets the fans in the French cold

Autograph hunter: Angelina meets and greets the fans in the French cold

source: dailymail

Coronation Street: First pictures of terrifying fireball which rips through Weatherfield and leaves THREE main characters dead


Fireball: Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) is seen walking away from a huge explosion which throws other characters to the ground

It's the soap scene everyone is talking about - the tram crash in Weatherfield which leaves THREE main Coronation Street characters dead.

But it's not just the crash which claims victims, as these terrifying new pictures of a huge fireball ripping through the town show.

In one shot, a desperate Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns) attempts to protect baby Jack from the fire and shattered glass in Dev's corner shop, while in another, Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) is seen thrown to the floor by the force of the explosion.

Death and destruction: The explosion, the result of a tram crash, is expected to kill three main characters

The scenes, which have apparently cost over £1million to film, are to mark the 50th anniversary of the show, and will be screened next Monday night.

And while it is speculated that three of the main characters will die, it is not known which of the stars it will be.

According to some reports, Kabin owner Rita Sullivan, played by Barbara Knox, 77, and Norris Cole, played by Malcolm Hedben, 70, are missing after the crash.

Steve McDonald, played by Simon Gregson, 33, is left buried under the rubble while Sunita Alahan, played by Shobna Gulati, 44, is left fighting for her life after becoming trapped in her shop.

Terrifying: Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns) is seen trying to protect baby Jack as the fireball rips through the town

Violent: Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) is thrown backwards by the sheer force of the explosion

Stunt doubles, pyrotechnics specialists, special effects experts and computer generated imagery are all being used to ensure the event is the most spectacular in the show's 50 year history.

Coronation Street producer Phil Collinson said earlier this year: 'All last week we filmed the exciting and explosive moments that lead to the tram crashing from the viaduct.

'The early scenes are wonderful and everyone is pulling together through the night to bring the brilliant scripts to life.

Realistic: A previous publicity shot shows the tram stuck in the Kabin post office in between takes

'Now with the tram in situ, it is time to start filming the dramatic scenes that explore the immediate aftermath of this terrible accident. Weatherfield will definitely never be the same again!'

In the dramatic scenes the tram is seen falling from the viaduct after a massive explosion at The Joinery bar, with the front of the vehicle causing damage to the Alahans' Corner Shop, while the second carriage hits Norris Cole's general store.

Collinson revealed he had to ask ITV bigwigs for more money to shoot the scenes.
He said: 'We've had a significant amount of extra money from ITV for this stunt.

It's the most money we've ever spent in the show's history; it's going to be a spectacular set of episodes.'

source: dailymail

I'm A Celebrity: Jenny Eclair and Stacey Solomon are treated to a night of luxury as they lead Camp Sheila to victory


Night of luxury: Jenny Eclair and Stacey Solomon were treated to a night of luxury on I'm A Celebrity

Jenny Eclair and Stacey Solomon were treated to a night of luxury after leading their Camp Sheila to victory.

While Jenny succeeded in getting seven stars in the Bushtucker Trial, Stacey beat Linford in a Bounceroo challenge.

And, after winning the luxurious night for herself and another celebrity, Stacey decided to take Jenny following her earlier success.

Proper beds! The girls were given luxurious single beds with duvets, cushions and plump pillows

Stacey and Jenny were treated to beds with duvets, pillows and cushions, a mini bar which included miniatures and beer, sweets and nuts, a bedside table and a rug on the jungle floor.

After arriving for their peaceful evening, Stacey said: 'This is exciting stuff! We've got dressing gowns, we've got peanuts and drink and clean water.'

Jenny said: 'We've got beds with clean sheets and huge cushions and nothing smells of cockroaches! I do feel slightly guilty but not too guilty.'

Girly night: They ate sweets, drank alcohol and had a chat about their fellow campmates

Night night: Jenny and Stacey bid each other good night as they settle down in their luxury beds

The celebrities were told earlier in the day they would be divided into their original teams - Camp Bruce and Camp Sheila - for one competition in which a member from each camp would go up against each other in the Bounceroo.

They were also told the winning team would experience a night of luxury while the losers would have to cope with a night of terror.

After Stacey and Linford volunteered themselves, they made their way to the clearing where they found two huge vats of rotten fruit with tubes attached.

Not so nice: Meanwhile Linford and Aggro had to endure a night of terror after losing a task

Terrified: Linford and Aggro didn't get much sleep while spending the night in the terror cave

They were then told they would have to squash as much fruit to make as much liquid as possible while wearing kangaroo suits and bouncing up and down on elastic.

And while Linford got off to a good start, his enthusiasm didn't match Stacey's analytical skills.

After figuring out which of the fruits would liquidise the easiest, Stacey quickly got the hang of things, and ended up beating her Olympic champion competitor.

Afterwards, Stacey said: 'We were so competitive…I don’t think he was that happy I won…he was a bit of a sulk.'

Bounceroo! Linford and Stacey donned kangaroo outfits to bounce on rotten fruit to get juice out

Winner! Stacey thought about the task tactically and ended up beating Olympic champion Linford

And a disappointed Linford confessed: 'You whooped my a*s! I’m thinking how do I tell the guys I’ve lost and will one of them come and spend a night of terror.'

When they headed back to camp, Linford decided to test his campmates by asking who wanted to spend a night of luxury before adding that he would choose who were quickest to respond for the night of terror.

On the other side of camp, Stacey was keen for one of her campmates to take her place and to go with another celebrity for the luxurious night.

But the rest of the ladies refused to let her forfeit her win, and Stacey eventually decided she would take Jenny with her, because she completed the task so successfully earlier in the day.

Explosion: Jenny Eclair completed the Dreaded Digger task, which Gillian refused to take part

Determined: Jenny's competitive side set in and she ended up winning seven stars for camp

However, on the boys team, the decision was not so easy as Dom refused to go as he had already had a night of terror when he first started on the show.

He told Jenny: 'I've had a bad one. I've been in Guantanamo and I'm not doing it again. I'll do the task tomorrow.'

At the end of the day, Aggro decided he would keep the calm and volunteered to go with Linford for the night of terror.

The pair then had their worst fears recognised when they were told they would have to spend the night in a dark cave, with only a candle for light, where they were joined by guests including spiders and cockroaches.

Uninvited guests: Jenny was joined by cockroaches, meal worms and nippy green ants in the digger

They were told they would have to last the whole night in order to win tea, coffee and pastries for the rest of camp.

Linford and Aggro were given the option of leaving the cave at any time, but that would mean the girls would have to leave their luxury as well.

When the boys and the girls headed back into camp, Stacey and Jenny tried to play down their night by just labelling it 'good'.

And when the boys came back, they labelled it a 'piece of p**s' before giving their tea and coffee to the rest of the camp.

Poo-gate: Kayla was furious after having to clear up someone else's faeces in the jungle toilet

Aggro said: 'We got breakfast for the camp, everybody's happy and I think we're going to have a good day.'

Earlier in the day, Jenny had blasted fellow campmate Gillian McKeith after she managed to get seven stars on the 'Dreaded Digger' Bushtucker Trial which the nutritionist refused to even try.

As she returned to camp after the trial, the comedian told the rest of her celebrities the trial was something 'a four-year-old could have done'.

But the comment didn't go down too well with Gillian, who accused Jenny of trying to make her feel bad.

First of all, the camp had to decide which of them would be taking part in the Dreaded Digger task.

After realising it was the task Gillian had refused to do, Dom said: 'It's the one Gillian pulled out of because she was unable to turn a wheel.'

source: dailymail

'Howay man, it's not cold!' As Britain shivers, Newcastle girls prove they're not frightened of a bit of snow


Who needs a coat? Partygoers hit the town in snowy Newcastle at the weekend

Temperatures have plunged across the UK, with roads blocked, school closures and heavy snow blanketing huge swathes of the country.

Not that you'd know it from these bracing pictures of female revellers in Newcastle city centre this weekend.

A passenger jet had overshot a runway at the city's airport on Thursday but on Saturday night the girls pictured showed they didn't mind some fog on the Tyne, or snow in the Bigg Market.

The north-east city's racecourse was closed on Saturday after at least six inches of snow fell and Chelsea FC were unable to fly home from their away draw with Newcastle United on Sunday due to the poor weather conditions.

But the cold winds and icy streets were no obstacle for city centre partygoers on Saturday night, as ladies hit the town in the skimpiest of outfits.

Newcastle's women were voted the sexiest in the UK in a 2009 survey and it seemed that the possibility of a coat ruining their revealing outfits was more frightening than freezing to death or having a painful skid on the slippery pavements.

Let's gan doon the Toon: Girls trudge through the snow and ice in Newcastle

No, I'm not cold, honestly: Geordie lasses try to keep warm on a chilly evening
According to new research, Northern women wear skirts that are on average 17cm shorter than those worn in the south.

Even in the cold weather, short skirts remain the trend in Newcastle, with sales of mini skirts rising by 28 per cent at one Newcastle store in the last month.

Renowned as one of the friendliest parts of the UK, the Tyne and Wear region is also famed for its bracing weather and locals' apparent imperviousness to cold.

Controversial comedian Jimmy Carr once joked that 'owns a coat' could be used as a put-down in Newcastle and as girls hit the town in cowboy hats, sailor outfits and barely-there dresses, the city's reputation for wearing skimpy clothing whatever the weather looks hard to argue with.

So ingrained is the concept of Geordies' hardiness that researchers last year investigated whether Newcastle natives had naturally thicker skin than their southern counterparts.

Linda Conlon, chief executive of the Centre for Life, said: ‘We decided to investigate the reputation Geordies have for not wearing a coat in even the worst weather.

‘Is there a possible genetic reason for our bravery or is it simply because we like to show off our finery on a night out?’

Cowgirl in the cold: A reveller struggles with the slippery Newcastle streets

Whether the Geordie lasses can continue to defy the cold for the next few weeks remains to be seen, with forecasters warning of another fortnight of sub-zero temperatures.

Michael Dukes, of MeteoGroup, predicted readings of minus 20C in some parts of Scotland this week.

‘You are seeing some ridiculously low temperatures – like the middle of Scandinavia,’ he said.

‘This is certainly an extraordinary cold snap.’

Scotland and the north-east have been the worst affected by the wintry weather so far and police have advised people to stay inside for all but essential travel.

source: dailymail

'I'm not a fake!' Gillian McKeith insists her fainting spells were all real as she is finally voted off I'm A Celebrity


Excited: Gillian McKeith couldn't stop smiling after she was finally voted off I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

After 17 days of moaning and annoying her campmates with her refusal to take part in trials, Gillian McKeith's time in the jungle has finally come to an end.

The nutritionist survived the jungle for over two weeks, but caused controversy with her frequent 'fainting', which was deemed 'fake' by many viewers and some of her fellow celebrities.

And Gillian said she was thrilled to be out of the camp, telling Ant and Dec: 'I'm so happy, I'm so happy I cannot tell you! I'm the happiest person alive.'

Legendary: Gillian's many fainting attacks have becoming something of a legend and have gone down in I'm A Celebrity history

She also spoke about the numerous fainting attacks she suffered during her time on the show, insisting they weren't fake.

Gillian said: 'I have a history of fainting, it's not something that I would ever want to do - it feels horrible. When I stood up my legs felt like jelly and then I woke up with the mask on. It's horrible.'

Time to go home: It was between Gillian and Aggro Santos, but viewers voted for Gillian to be evicted

She also admitted she had no idea why she had decided to take part in the ITV show considering all her phobias.

Gillian, who took part in EIGHT Bushtucker Trials, said: 'I must have lost my marbles. I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't think I would be picked for all these trials, I thought I would be cooking all the time!'

Ecstatic: Gillian couldn't believe her luck when she was told she would be going home

And Gillian labelled taking part in the trials 'so draining', adding to Ant and Dec: 'The first day I thought that would be it and then each day it would start again and the anxiety levels grew into panic attack mode - I felt as thought I was on high alert all the time.

'I was petrified I was going to get to do more trials. I thought, I've had my Hallelujah moment, I don't want to ruin it.'

The 51-year-old also spoke about the Dreaded Digger task, which Jenny Eclair had taken part in earlier in the show, but which she refused even to try.

Tentative: Gillian walked slowly across the bridge to meet Ant and Dec for her post-eviction interview

Revealing all: Gillian said she must have 'lost her marbles' by agreeing to go on the show

She explained: 'I felt like I had a breakdown in that digger. I felt like I was so emotionally raw I had nothing left to give. I would have liked to have tried but my brain wouldn't kick in with all those levers and everything.

'I thought I was going to faint and there would be bugs all over me - I couldn't do it.'

During her interview with Ant and Dec, Gillian was shown footage of her numerous arguments with former Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder, who was more than a little vocal about his dislike of the TV presenter.

I'm free! Gillian makes her way across the bridge as she heads back to the real world

Together again: Gillian was met by her lookalike daughter Skylar

But Gillian said she doesn't hold a grudge, adding: 'The funny part is we got on sometimes but other times it was just frightening.

'He's a warm-hearted guy, he's kind and generous but there are times I just can't take the way he behaves.'

However, there was one celebrity Gillian connected with more than all the others - former X Factor star Stacey Solomon.

Asked who she wants to be crowned the winner of the show on Saturday, Gillian said: 'Stacey, without a doubt - she's definitely the Queen of the jungle in my book.'

Cringe-making: While Gillian deemed her fainting attacks 'embarrassing', she insisted they were entirely real

source: dailymail

Wake up and smell the money! Julia Roberts paid £1m for coffee ad... and she doesn't even have to say anything


Model muse: Julia Roberts appears in Christmas advertisement for Italian coffee house Lavazza as Botticelli's Venus

She held the crown of Hollywood's highest paid actress for most of the last decade, only recently being toppled by the likes of Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz.

But perhaps America's Sweetheart Julia Roberts is attempting to claw back to the top spot, after agreeing to appear in a 45-second advertisement for Italian coffee house Lavazza - for the hefty fee of 1.2 million euros (£1.14 million).

Lavazza bosses are seemingly so confident in Julia's talent that she is not even required to speak for her role in the 45-second ad.

The actress appears in the heavenly advertisement, to be screened over the Christmas period in Italy, as Botticelli's Venus in a setting in the clouds.

The scene opens with the painter at his wits end as his difficult muse refuses to smile for him as he attempts to create his masterpiece, Spring Allegory.

Bankable: The actress was paid over £1 million for the non-speaking role

The ad also features two famous Italian entertainers, Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti who offer the 43-year-old star some of Lavazza's A Modo Mio coffee.

After sipping the coffee, Julia breaks into her trademark toothy grin as the men rejoice around her and Botticelli excitedly gets to work to capture her smile.

Dilemma: Julia plays the difficult muse of artist Botticelli, who is frustrated with her refusal to smile

The brief advertisement ends with Roberts winking at the camera.

The Pretty Woman star only filmed the advertisement two weeks ago during a brief stint in Rome.

She was perhaps convinced to return no only for the hefty sum she is reported to have received, but also after she fell in love with the filming location during shooting of her last film Eat Pray Love.

Roberts said during promotion for the movie that she gained ten pounds during filming in Rome, where she underwent 'Olympic carbo loading.'

Star power: Famous Italian entertainers Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti save the day by offering Roberts Lavazza's A Modo Miio coffee to put a smile on her face

'By the time we would cut I'd be done with an entire pizza or a whole bowl of pasta,' she said. 'The take would just go on and on and I'd love it.'

The mother-of-three has followed in her friend George Clooney's footsteps by fronting the coffee house's holiday campaign.

Her Ocean's Eleven co-star recently filmed a similar advertisement for Nespresso, which sees him up in the clouds, in his case arriving at the Pearly Gates to be greeted by St Peter - played by John Malkovich.

Coffee addicts: George Clooney fronts the holiday campaign for Nespresso

Heavenly: The ad, which also stars John Malkovich has a similar theme to his Ocean's Eleven co-star

Clooney, who has been the face of the brand for several years, recently defended his decision to appear in the commercials.

He said: 'You want to have a product you are proud of and not embarrassed by. 'You don't want to do ones that aren't classy. That's the truth. That's the secret to it.'

Julia Roberts appears to go by the same rule, and is very selective about what products she endorses.

The Atlanta-born actress is also the global ambassador for Lancome.

source: dailymail

Bieber Fever hits London as Justin hits on Cheryl Cole live on the X Factor


Turning on the charm: Justin Bieber had just performed songs Somebody To Love and Baby on last night's live X Factor when he hit on Cheryl Cole, saying hello to her suggestively, and miming that she should call him

He's one of the biggest popstars in the world, so who could blame Justin Bieber for grasping the chance to chat up Cheryl Cole whilst live on the X Factor last night - despite the 11 year age gap?

Justin, 16, had just performed a mash-up of tracks Somebody To Love and Baby on the results show - though he mimed throughout to concentrate on his smooth dance moves.

As he finished, he was joined on stage by host Dermot O'Leary, then promptly flirted with Cheryl, 27, after thanking his fans for all their support,
'I want to say hello to Cheryl Cole, hello,' he said, waving at the judge and raising his eyebrows, before making a 'call me' gesture with his hand.

The Girls Aloud star reacted by laughing and looking a little embarrassed. Dermot then said: 'Cracking on to Cheryl Cole! What a precocious young man.'

justin even made his feeling clear afterwards on his official Twitter account, saying: 'Cheryl u looked lovely as usual.'

He also joked: 'X Factor we had fun. Simon told me he listens to my CD every night before he goes to bed.'

Fast mover: Justin performed a mash-up of two of his songs on last night's X Factor but appeared to mime for most of it to concentrate on dancing

Upstanding: The X Factor judges give Justin a standing ovation for his performance as he's joined onstage by Dermot O'Leary

Justin has been on the receiving end of flirting from older women of late, with newly-wed Katy Perry, 26, congratulating him with a kiss at the American Music Awards last week after he walked off with four gongs.

And the Canadian teen sensation enjoyed a night out with Rihanna, 22, earlier in the month.

The Only Girl In the World singer tweeted at the time: 'Justin Bieber just flashed me his abs in the middle of a restaurant! Wow! He actually had a lil 6 pack! Sexy.'

He also got close to Kim Kardashian, 30, on a photshoot for Elle magazine in the summer.

Jumping for joy: Justin seemed in high spirits when he left the show

Bieber was discovered two years ago after posting his home-made pop videos on YouTube. They were seen by R&B star Usher, who helped his young protégé win a record contract.

Now the teenager is the hottest commodity in the music world. His album, ‘My World 2.0’, has sold almost two million copies since its release last year, thanks mainly to the devotion of his young female fans.

He was mobbed when he left the X Factor's Fountain Studios in North London to go back to his hotel and is today jetting off to Spain.

Bieber fever: Dozens of fans braved sub-zero temperatures outside the X Factor studios in north London for the chance to catch a glimpse of Justin

However, Justin will be returning to tour the UK next spring.

Bieber was discovered two years ago after posting his home-made pop videos on YouTube. They were seen by R&B star Usher, who helped his young protégé win a record contract.

Now the teenager is the hottest commodity in the music world. His album, My World 2.0, has sold almost two million copies since its release last year, thanks mainly to the devotion of his young female fans, who have made him the most watched star on YouTube.

He is touring the UK next spring.

Snacking: Justin stayed refreshed with a Coke and some late night Nando's after his stint on the X Factor live results show last night

Meanwhile, it's rumoured that Justin has started working with a specialist in order to keep his voice from breaking.

A source told the News Of The World: 'Justin is developing at a slower rate than most guys so his voice is only breaking now.'.

'He's working with the best in the business, a specialist called Jan Smith, to make sure he gets much vocal rest as humanly possible for a working popstar.'

source: dailymail