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Bikini hunt meltdown! American Idol fans eager to see more of Brittany Kerr cause website crash

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bikini hunt: Fans eager to see more of Brittany Kerr ended up crashing her management company's website

She proved popular with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler and given her gorgeous looks and model figure it's not hard to see why. And it appears that American Idol viewers wanted to see much more of talent hopeful Brittany Kerr.
In fact, her new legion of fans caused her management's website to crash after so many admirers logged on to hunt for bikini pictures of the blonde cheerleader.
Enkamp's owner Chandler Harrelson said a sudden upsurge in visitors following her eye-catching performance on the hit show overwhelmed their servers and brought down their webpage.

Impressive: No doubt fans of the cheerleader were pleased when they finally found her photos

He said: 'We were prepared for it to be big, it just exceeded our expectations.
'We were monitoring the traffic as she appeared on the show, and as soon as her name was displayed on the screen, boom, traffic shot through the roof, with thousands of simultaneous users per second.
'To prevent loading issues, we swapped out a redirect to her facebook fanpage while we moved to a more robust server.'
The stunning Charlotte Bobcats dancer has became an internet sensation after appearing on the singing show.

Crashed: The website for Enkamp ended up being offline for hours after its servers were flooded with visitors

Photographer Jim Merrill has used the 24-year-old for several photoshoots, and told TMZ the amount of traffic on his website has rocketed as people look at his bikini shoots with her. He said he usually gets around 5,000 hits per month, but just moments after she appeared on the show on Wednesday he had already received 20,000.
No doubt the majority of the visitors were men, as she certainly seems to have an effect on them.
On Wednesday night's show even before the blonde's rendition of Joss Stone's Spoiled, Steven Tyler said: 'I say yes!'

Star in the making: American Idol's profile of the star allowed her to show off her talents

Cheerleader extraordinaire: The dancer is one of the most popular members of the Lady Cats

Multi-talented: Brittany is a dancer, photographer and a graduate as well as an aspiring singer

Afterwards he added: I like it. I like your melody. You're on pitch and you're good looking.' Randy Jackson added: 'Great. That did it for me. I think there's something there she can develop.' For some reason Jennifer Lopez was less impressed, and voted against bringing her to Hollywood.
The Charlotte, North Carlina native is more than a pretty face if her profile on the Bobcats award winning Lady Cats website is anything to go by.

Lapping it up: Randy and Steven loved watching the cheerleader covering Joss Stone

Excited: The Charlotte, North Carolina native was on tenterhooks as she waited to discover her fate

She reveals she is a human environmental science graduate, as well the fact her hobbies are singing, decorating and photography.
The talented fitness fanatic also said she is a first degree black belt, though she does not say if it is in karate, judo or another martial art.
And she said here three ambitions are to skydive, sing the national anthem at a sports event and to visit an elephant rescue sanctuary in South Africa.

source: dailymail