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Ger’off! I’m having my picture taken: Dogs show their playful side in super-cute portraits

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mind if I rest here? An adult bulldog leans on a puppy in this adorable photograph

Anyone could be forgiven for shying away from the camera when they are old and wrinkly.
But when this adult bulldog saw a young puppy being photographed, it decided to get in on the action.
Posing like top fashion models, these cute and cuddly canines are showing their playful sides for the camera.
Some ride skateboards, others are bashful, but all are showing off the quirkiness that make them perfect for American photographer Lennette Newell, 52.
Using 19 different breeds to capture the characters that all dog owners recognise and love, she wanted the personality of each pooch to shine.

Embrace: The two dogs kiss and make up to show there are no hard feelings

The photographer, originally from San Francisco, California, said: 'Many of these dog images have been selected from commercial shoots, because they are in between moments and that is a special emotion.
'I love many of the out-takes from these type of shoots as they clearly are comical, fun loving & real expressions.

Rude or thirsty? A Jack Russell Terrier looks into the camera while sticking its tongue out

Staring contest: A boxer dog, left, gazes at a tiny chick and a Jersey retriever puppy, right, looks straight at the lens, ready to pounce

'I find myself often marvelling at their shapes, textures, with or without fur.'
Working out of the Smashbox studio in Los Angeles, Ms Newell photographed the dogs during breaks for her commercial work for fashion and commercial magazines.
'These dogs are from personal friends and animal talent agencies in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area,' she said.

Mixed emotions: These three pictures appear to show dogs contemplating, left, singing, centre, and dreaming, right

'They bring you an emotion like laughter and they make you see something in a dog that you might not have noticed before walking down the street.
'The pictures are all about forming a connection with dog, discovering something visual that touches you about a dog, be that an Afghan hound or a beagle.'
Of all her adorable models, the photographer most taken by Geez, a slobbering Boston terrier.

Slobber: Geez the Boston Terrier was photographer Lennette Newell's favourite model

'I love Geez and his expression,' she said.
'He is all over the place and looks so comfortable.
'I think dogs react to people and once we are comfortable they are and that is reflected in the pictures.'

Showtime: One dog does a dance for the camera, left, while a chocolate labrador opens wide for a treat

Happy: An Afghan hound looks delighted as it stretches out while being photographed

Getting around: One dog poses on a skateboard, left, while another is happier simply running

source: dailymail