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'My clothes are too tight, I don't like it': Taylor Armstrong complains about her lean bikini body after gaining 12lbs

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Healthier frame? Taylor Armstrong showed off her thin bikini body during a trip to the beach recently. The reality star,40, claims to have put on weight in a new interview

Viewers and her co-stars were shocked by her tiny frame on the last series of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But in a new interview Taylor Armstrong has spoken out about her shape insisting she doesn’t have an eating disorder – but admits she is unhappy with her figure after putting on some weight.
The reality star, 40, who showed off her painfully thin frame while sunbathing on the beach in Los Angeles recently, has told NW magazine that she is actually bigger than she has been. Taylor, whose husband commit suicide last summer, told the Australian publication: ‘After Russell passed, since then, I think I’ve gained about 10 to 12lbs.’
But while Taylor denies suffering from anorexia or bulimia she says she isn’t happy with the much-needed extra weight.
She said: ‘I don’t like the fact that my clothes are too tight. I’m not really wanting to go out.’

Too big? Taylor has told NW magazine that she has put on 10 to 12lbs but she doesn't like it because her clothes are too tight

Tough times: The reality star says she was so thin because of the stress of being in a relationship with her husband Russell, who commit suicide in August last year

The reality star admits her gaunt appearance in the last season of the Real Housewives was down to the stresses of her relationship with her abusive husband Russell and his subsequent suicide.
She said: ‘Over the last couple of years with my husband I was such a ball of anxiety all the time that I lost a lot of weight.’
‘I was probably the thinnest I’ve ever been over the last year of our show, I had become so skinny. I just couldn’t seem to put on weight and I was eating.’

Making a splash: Taylor topped up her tan in the tiny bikini as she splashed around in the surf

While Taylor claims to be in healthy shape she still appeared thin during a recent trip to the beach in Los Angeles.
The reality star dressed in a striped bikini as she soaked up the sunshine on a solo trip on the sands.
At some points as she stretched out her ribs could be seen under her skin.

Spending some solo time: Taylor, who claims to be single, was seen reading a book as she lay on the beach

Covering up: With her day coming to an end Taylor put on a paisley print kaftan and a knit skirt

She told the magazine: 'I don’t have a boyfriend. I can’t even imagine.I think it’s going to be a while for me. This is the first time in my life that I’m really starting to like me. I didn’t like me for 40 years and I’m just starting to enjoy being alone and spending time with Kennedy.'
But the TV star hasn't ruled out looking for love in the future and said she would like to get married again to show her daughter a normal relationship.
She said: 'I want Kennedy to see what a healthy relationship is like instead of the one she saw between her mummy and daddy.'

source: dailymail