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Just what the doctor ordered! Mila Kunis tucks into pizza in her blue scrubs on break from new film The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A little indulgence: Mila Kunis tucked into a slice (or four) of pizza on break from her new film The Angriest Man in Brooklyn on Tuesday

She famously dropped 20lbs for her role in ballet blockbuster Black Swan.
But Mila Kunis appears to have regained her hearty appetite.
The actress was pictured today tucking into a few slices of pizza during a break on the New York City set of her new movie The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.
The 29-year-old beauty was filming scenes in the borough's DUMBO area, and clearly enjoyed indulging in craft service.

One more bite! The actress seemed to enjoy several New York-style slices

The brunette, who plays a doctor film, looked the part in blue scrubs, which she covered up with an overcoat and scarf.
The comedic drama, about a man who trying to determine what he will do in the final moments of his life, co-stars Robin Williams, Peter Dinklage, James Earl Jones and Melissa Leo.
Despite her indulgence, Mila has still been able to maintain her figure.

Don't mind if I do! Mila helps herself to a hearty slice

The actress is said to be working out several times a week to get her body in great shape for forthcoming Wachowski brothers' film Jupiter Ascending, and showed off her washboard stomach on an outing in Los Angeles late last month.
Mila will appear alongside Channing Tatum in the sci-fi movie currently in pre-production for a 2014 release.

Co-stars: The actress, who plays doctor to Robin Williams' disgruntled character, filmed scenes separately from the comedian today

She is also set to star in forthcoming romantic drama Third Person, which three interlocking love stories involving three couples in three cities: Rome, Paris, and New York.
The Paul Haggis film, co-starring Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, James Franco and Casey Affleck, is also scheduled for a 2014 release.
Meanwhile, Mila had an emergency of her own after she had to be rescued by firefighters after she became stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes.

Healthy appetite: The 29-year-old was also seen plucking items from crafty

source: dailymail