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Nokia's PR gaffe: Firm films advert on 'amazing camera phone' - but eagle-eyed viewers spot reflection of professional camera crew in the background...

Friday, September 7, 2012

The setup: Nokia introduces us to this young happy couple, and clearly shows us the man filming his friend

Nokia's last chance to get back into the smartphone game did not go to plan yesterday. First the Finnish firm suffered the indignity of watching their share price fall by per 10 per cent within an hour of unveiling the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 920.
The company is battling a wave of in-difference against their hardware - and so put all their efforts into getting its 'PureView' camera noticed.

The advert shows the girl enjoying her bike ride through the port - but all is not what it seems

But its advert to show off the camera's image-stabilising software was mocked on the internet today - after eagle-eyed viewers spotted a professional camera-crew in a reflection in the background.
Following yesterday's launch event in New York, Nokia released footage on YouTube showing off the company's PureView technology, which uses a large camera sensor to provide top-of-the-range pictures.

The set-up clearly implies that the footage is filmed on a Nokia phone, but the truth is about to be revealed...

A talking point of the phone was the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which moves the camera lens around to adjust for shaky hands.
In the video, a man rides a bicycle, with another woman riding alongside. Comparison shots show the difference between stabilised footage and non-stabilised footage.
Everything in the video implies the man on the bike is filming the footage.

But a background check gives the game away... This is a camera crew in a van filming, on what appears to be a larger camera, rather than an image-stabilised Nokia phone

But as website The Verge points out, if you freeze-frame the video at just the right second, you see the true cameraman - a man in a van.
Nokia were quick to apologise as the news started spreading on the internet.
Heidi Lemmetyinen, from Nokia, then issued a public apology: 'In an effort to demonstrate the benefits of optical image stabilisation (which eliminates blurry images and improves pictures shot in low light conditions), we produced a video that simulates what we will be able to deliver with OIS.
'Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but we should have posted a disclaimer stating this was a representation of OIS only.
'This was not shot with a Lumia 920. At least, not yet. We apologise for the confusion we created.'

Nokia's Lumia 920, which was launched today, is the phone the firm is banking on to help it take on Apple and Google.

source: dailymail