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'I love carbs but denial is good training': Jason Momoa opens up about his intense fitness regime as he covers Men's Health

Thursday, January 31, 2013

'I love carbs': Jason Momoa tells all about his fitness regime as his covers the March edition of Men's Health

In 2011 he made people pay attention when he took on the role which made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name.
And making his mark on the industry, Jason Momoa has opened up about the methods he uses to ensure he stays in the best shape as the demand for him in the industry increases.
Covering the March issue of Men's Health, the 33-year-old actor, and model, surprisingly revealed that he's not a big fan of doing weights or sticking to diets.
Speaking about the dietary requirements for his built physique, Jason admitted that he's not keen on eating food which weigh him down and has a thing for 'cigars and booze'.

'You need to eat big and lift big': Despite Jason's impeccable form he admitted he's not a fan of doing weights

The Hawaii-born star professed: 'You need to eat big and lift big. But I prefer to eat as much lean meat and green veg as possible and save the calories for Guinness. It keeps you sane.
'I love carbs but denial is good training for the mind. After finishing a one-month cleanse, I had a giant bowl of pasta and I swear to Christ it was like I was on heroin.'
Revealing his guilty pleasures, Jason added: 'I love cigars and booze. If you’re going to pound the beers you’ve got to suck it up. It [the treadmill] gets you going, man. Then you can have that beer.'

'I wanted to be strong but agile': Momoa said role his role in the 2011 film Conan The Barbarian that he didn't just want to be beefy and took on the characteristics of a wild cat

In the shots taken for the popular men's magazine, Jason puts his muscular frame on display in a fitted grey T-shirt and a pair of dark jeans.
Showcasing his freshly chopped brown hair, as the handsomely rugged actor threw punches at the camera he lived up to his tough guy image.
Despite the simple and no nonsense style of the hard-hitting stills, as Momoa held up his fist he managed to continue to carry forward his heartthrob status.

Handsomely rugged: Jason also played the role of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones

Going back to the way he envisioned how he wanted to look for his portrayal of the vengeful warrior in Conan the Barbarian, Jason explained he didn't just want to be bulky.
Instead Momoa said he took on the qualities that felines exhibit to build his character for the action packed Marcus Nispel film.

Ripped: Jason's full interview can be found in the March issue of Men's Health out February 1

He recalled: 'I wanted Conan to be like a big cat. I wanted to be strong but agile. They hunt and they eat. That’s why they’re big.
'I’m not a big fan of just doing weights. Anything more physical is infinitely better.'
The father-of-two, who is married to Lisa Bonet, continued: 'Whether that’s working on my house or hitting at the holes in my driveway with a pick.'
For his latest role, Jason stars alongside Sylvester Stallone and Christian Slater in the Walter Hill directed film Bullet to the Head.

Group shot: Other stars of the Walter Hill film in tow included Sarah Shahi and Sung Kang

Momoa plays a character called Keegan, in the motion picture that sees Stallone play a New Orleans hitman who joins forces with a New York City cop to take on the killers of their professional partners.
Reliving what it was like to go up against the legend that is Stallone, Jason confessed he was a little apprehensive when they filmed their final fight scene.
He said: 'At the end of Bullet to the Head I had to swing this wooden axe at top speed right at Stallone and you don’t really want to clip him. He’s got these slabs of meat for fists.'
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Sarah Shahi and Sung Kang also have lead parts in the blockbuster.
Read Jason Momoa interview in the Men's Health March issue on sale Friday 1 February.

'He’s got these slabs of meat for fists': Jason also told Men's Health that he was a little apprehensive about going up against Stallone in their new film

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