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The real-life Legally Blonde: Law student who spent thousands on becoming a living Barbie doll hits back at bullies who called her an airhead by gaining TWO degrees

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

She started modelling her look on Barbie when she was 15.

Charlotte Poole became so obsessed, she dressed herself in figure-hugging corsets, dyed her hair platinum blonde and even enhanced her breasts to a curvy 34F.
The style prompted a string of cruel comments from women who saw her as nothing more than a ‘brainless bimbo’.
But Miss Poole is living proof that appearances can be very deceptive.
Rather than being the ‘stupid airhead’ she is often labelled, she has a law degree and masters with distinction.

Model pupil: Charlotte Poole, 22, has a law degree and a first-class Masters in fashion marketing

The 22-year-old, who has spent thousands on her looks over the years, said: ‘If I’m out with a corset on I will get attention from people saying horrible things to me as you would expect, saying I’m stupid or a slag. But because I know I’m not it makes me laugh.
‘People are pretty surprised when they find out that I have a masters degree.
'I don’t make a point in telling people but if they find out it’s so funny to see their reaction.’

Barbie world: Charlotte, pictured in front of shelves filled with her favourite doll in Hong Kong, says the girly look gives her confidence

The graduate actually had her breast implants within two weeks of beginning her BA in law and psychology.
Since then she has gone on to attain a masters in fashion marketing, also from Nottingham University, and secure a high-flying job as a social media coordinator for a fashion company.

Life in plastic: The marketing manager, from Leicestershire, began dressing as Barbie when she was 15

Miss Poole, who also boasts 12 GCSEs and 3 A Levels on her CV, began modelling
herself on Barbie because she was insecure about her own looks.
She went on to dye her hair and now refers to the stylised Barbie alter ego she adopts on nights out as ‘Charlotte Elizabeth’.

School days: Charlotte, pictured aged 16, began dying her hair platinum blonde and wearing dramatic make-up after watching stars including Pamela Anderson and Melinda Messenger on TV

‘I loved Barbie dolls and I loved the Barbie look after watching Melinda Messenger and Pamela Anderson on TV,’ she said.
‘I worried about the way I looked so I started wearing make-up and dressing up. I couldn’t even go to the corner shop without wearing full make-up and it just went on from there.

Ambitious: Charlotte, pictured left on Halloween and right on a night out with her friend Belinda, spends her time either poring over books or pouring her curves into corsets

‘Now I just want to look good for me and I love nothing more than big smokey make-up when I go out as Charlotte Elizabeth.
'I also have bright pink lips for the Barbie look or red for a more rock chick look.
‘But I do know for the majority of the time it is totally inappropriate to dress that way so I save it only for certain occasions.’

Beauty and brains: Boyfriend Samuel Pyle, pictured with Charlotte at her graduation ball, says he loves her because they are intellectual equals

Holiday Barbie: But Samuel says he likes his girlfriend best when she is dressed down and make-up free

When it comes to studying, however, the serious side of her character comes through.
‘When I have exams, Charlotte Elizabeth goes away. There is a time and a place to be glamorous. Education always comes first,’ she said.
‘I always make sure I go to job interviews or to work with my hair up with minimal make-up.

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Work and play: Charlotte paid her way through university with the help of a job at Hooters in Nottingham

‘Despite my look I take my work very seriously. I would love to get a nose job, veneers, maybe lip injections – and Botox when I get a few years older.
'But for now I am trying my best to tone down the Barbie within now I have my new job.’
Miss Poole, from Leicestershire, added: ‘I have had girls say that they hate me because of the way I look and call me a slag or stupid or easy, but just because I look this way doesn’t make me an idiot.’

Life and style: Charlotte says she sometimes dresses in a hoodie and jeans - but only when she is at home

Serious moments: Charlotte says she ditches her full-on Barbie look when she is studying or at work

source: dailymail