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Risky business: Justin Bieber ditches helmet for a muddy four-wheeler bike ride

Friday, February 1, 2013

Riding dirty: Justin Bieber and best friend Lil Twist get seriously muddy on a four-wheeler ride

Justin Bieber is known for his signature hair but seems he is so protective of his style that he is apparently willing to risk serious injury to keep it looking good.
The 18-year-old is clearly mending his broken heart with some boy time, going for a very muddy four-wheeler ride with friend Lil Twist.
Covered in mud and giving his best tough guy face, the singer posed for a series on Instagram photos on Thursday.

No helmet: The pop star did not wear a helmet for his bike adventure

Justin has been spending a lot of time with the 19-year-old rapper - who's real name is Christopher Moore.
The pair have been friends since Lil Twist appeared on Justin's mega hit, Baby, but following his break up from long-term love Selena Gomez the pair have been joined at the hip.
However, Twist has been blamed by some Justin fans for leading him astray.
The Texan born rapper was behind the wheel of Justin's Ferrari Italia 458 when it was pulled over by police in Los Angeles, California, on New Year's Day and a photographer was killed photographing the traffic stop.

Not worried: Justin is obviously not worried about his friend's driving ability despite the rapper causing up to $10,000 damage to his Ferrari

It was also revealed on Thursday that Lil Twist had damaged the borrowed car as he left the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly hills.
The rapper bottomed out the car damaging the under carriage.
However, according to TMZ, the hotel is footing the up to $10,000 bill not the rapper.
But obviously Justin is not too worried about his friend's driving considering their for-wheeler fun.
In another incident, on January 2, Justin and Lil Twist were photographed together smoking what appeared to be marijuana.

Friend trouble? Some fans have expressed concern that Twist is not a good influence on the pop star

source: dailymail