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You might need an extra blanket tonight: Temperatures to hover just above zero before more snow and gales hit Britain tomorrow

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Britain faces another night of cold and wet weather as near-zero temperatures are coupled with snowstorms and howling gales.

Temperatures will drop down to 0C (32F) in parts of Scotland, with lows around 2C (36F) in most of the country.
The foul weather comes after the UK was hit with 'thundersnow' today, as the return of freezing weather combined with lightning storms to create the freak phenomenon.
Residents of northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland were shocked to wake up to a blanket of snow after a night of storms, with reports of thundersnow in major cities including Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Get out and push: Motorists resorted to drastic measures to get their cars moving again

Meanwhile, motorists throughout the UK were bracing themselves for chaos on the roads as several inches of snow were forecast, combined with gale-force winds and sub-zero temperatures.
'Overnight we had snow showers packing in to the north and west of the UK, with up to 10cm in Northern Ireland and the south Pennines,' a Met Office forecaster said, adding that the snow was likely to turn to rain by the end of the day.

Blizzard: Passengers waiting for the bus in Harrogate, North Yorkshire this morning after an overnight storm

The most extreme conditions have been seen on the west coast of Britain, where sub-zero thunderstorms were created when 'deeply unstable and cold air runs over warm sea'.
STV meteorologist Sean Bell said that Glasgow saw thundersnow overnight, while a number of Twitter users wrote that parts of northern England including Manchester, Sheffield and Cheshire were also hit by the phenomenon.

Remote: A sheep takes shelter from the snow in a wooden shed in Yorkshire

York Minster is barely visible as you look down Stonegate towards the historic building

Beautiful: St Hohn the Baptist Church in Penistone, South Yorkshire was covered in snow this morning

In his element: This stunning picture of a robin in the snow was captured by wildlife photographer Richard Bowler in Corwen, north Wales

Saved: Baby Sebastian was born in his parents' car as they were driving to hospital during a snowstorm

Fun: Adrian Lambert takes his daughter Eva on the school run in Glossop using a sledge

source: dailymail