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Russian daredevil takes his life in his hands as he hangs like a monkey off 1,000ft crane

Saturday, May 11, 2013

With no rope or safety harness, the youth clambers about the crane seemingly untroubled by how high up he is

If you have even the slightest fear of heights, look away now.
These pictures taken from footage showing a Russian teenager climbing around a crane 1,000ft up in the sky are enough to make your palms sweat even if you have never suffered from vertigo.
The youth is seen walking along the crane as if it were a tightrope, without showing even a flicker of fear at being so far from the ground.

Hundreds of feet above even the roofs of the tower blocks, the fearless youth walks casually along a crane

Without a safety harness, hard hat or even a rope, he confidently walks - and even skips - along the red metal crane in his trainers.
The three-minute clip, posted on Youtube, shows his astonishing courage (or should that read foolhardiness?) as he casually strips off his jumper and puts on a woolly hat for his sky-high work-out
The boy, who looks little older than 16 or 17, then climbs over the side and hangs from just one hand.

Balanced precariously on top of the crane's dusty bars, the youth clambers about it with casual skill

The cars in the street below are so tiny they look like toys as he does monkey bars dangling off the crane.
And the roofs of the surrounding tower blocks look a long way below the crane where the boy is gambolling about like a carefree toddler in a playground.
In one heart-stopping moment, he does pull-ups with one hand as he hangs from the crane, before pulling himself up and back on top of it again.

Dangling vertiginously, the youth performed his death-defying stunts without a care in the world

The cars below are so tiny they look like children's toys as the young man does monkey bars in the sky above them

Filmed by a friend, the youth is shown dangling from the crane's dusty bars without even a rope in case he falls

source: dailymail