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Hazardous Harry! Zayn Malik saves his bandmate from walking into a flaming pyrotechnic during live show

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot In Herre: Harry Styles nearly gets set on fire but Zayn Malik runs in to the rescue onstage in Chicago

It seems Harry Styles can't go for long without having an onstage incident.
After having his trousers pulled down and throwing up on stage in recent months, the One Direction star's latest incident saw him nearly set himself on fire during the band's second Chicago show.
The near-miss occurred when Harry walked into a flaming pyrotechnic on the stage.
But luckily for Harry, his bandmate Zayn Malik was there to warn and stop the 19-year old from singeing off his famous floppy hair.

Blinded: Putting a towel over his head, Harry can't see the flames in front of him

The would-be accident occurred during the group's performance of Teenage Dirtbag - the same song that saw Harry running off stage to be sick a week earlier in Detroit.
The song went off with out a hitch, with a much more energetic Styles running around the stage and waving at fans.
But as the pop song came to a close, the teenager picked up a white towel and wrapped it round his head as he made his way towards the side of the stage, and the impressive flame.

Spotted: Zayn sees Harry walking towards the pyrotechnic with a towel blocking his vision

And conscious of the danger that lay in Harry's, Zayn, 20, attempted to make his friend aware of the fact he was heading towards a fiery ending.
Calling out and pointing didn't work thanks to the raucous cheers of the thousands of fans watching the show, so Bradford boy Zayn ran towards Harry and pulled him back just seconds before he set himself alight.
Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne watched as their brave bandmate saved Styles from a life-threatening injury, and seemed to chuckle at their mate's clumsy behaviour.

Can't hear: With the crowds cheers covering his voice Malick runs to his bandmate to stop him going head first into a flame

Whispering a few words in Harry's ear, one can only guess as to what Zayn was saying, but a smirk on the nearly scorched singer's face showed his relief at avoiding an accident.
Pulling his fingers through his hair, no doubt Harry felt double relief that his mop hadn't melted.
One Direction have 15 more U.S. dates on their Take Me Home world tour before flying to Australia, so hopefully Styles will survive before they head Down Under.

Double check: Styles must have been relieved his famous mop wasn't burnt to the wick

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2370401/One-Direction-Zayn-Malik-saves-bandmate-Harry-Styles-walking-flaming-pyrotechnic-live-show.html
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