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Two dead and 182 hospitalized in San Francisco airport jet crash: Terror after 'tail snapped off Boeing 777' and it burst into flames

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Asiana Airlines Flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea, to San Fransisco crash during landing at around 11.30am PDT
Boeing 777 carried 291 passengers; flight had 16 crew members on board
One of two victims killed in crash had a Chinese passport
At least five people listed in critical condition, including two children
141 of the passengers aboard Flight 214 were Chinese, 77 were South Korean, 61 were American and 1 was Japanese
San Francisco fire chief: Everyone is now accounted for
Passenger reported hearing announcement over plane's PA system saying that the flight 'landed safely' and that everyone should stay in their seats
Local hospitals treated 182 passengers, 49 of whom were in serious condition; 123 people were uninjured
Flight departed Incheon airport near South Korea's capital around 10 hours ago and was due to land at 9.45am on West Coast
Eyewitnesses reported seeing plane's tail tear off and the fuselage spinning around
FBI says no indication that terrorism was involved in the crash


Crash: Two passengers dies in the crash: This pictures was tweeted by Samsung executive David Eun who survived the crash

A Boeing 777 plane carrying 291 passengers crash landed at San Francisco airport this afternoon, killing two people and injuring dozens of others.
The tail of the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 flight from South Korea was ripped off in the tragic accident around 11.30am PDT and a huge blaze tore through the plane which onlookers described as spinning around on impact.
Horrific photographs of the damage emerged moments after the crash as well as cellphone videos of the plane as it spun out of control.

This aerial photo shows the wreckage of the Asiana Flight 214 airplane after it crashed at the San Francisco International Airport

The two passengers who died in the crash were found outside the wreckage on the runway, it was confirmed, and some passengers were also seen in the water.
‘Some passengers were observed coming out of water - the assumption is that they maybe doused themselves, said Joanne Hayes-White, San Francisco’s fire chief.

Tail snapped off: The plane that was carrying 291 passengers is missing its tail section

One of two victims killed in the crash was a Chinese passport holder, according to a South Korean official. The nationality of the second victim remains unknown at this time.
In a bizarre twist, passenger Lee Jang Hyung told ABC News Saturday night that after the plane had come to a stop following the violent crash, a voice came over the intercom informing the terrified passengers that Flight 214 had landed safely and everyone should remain in their seats.

A fire gutted the aircraft cabin after the tail snapped off the plane on landing. The Boeing 777 skidded along the runway

National Transportation Safety Board investigators were due to arrive at the airport at around midnight to begin the inquiry into what had caused the accident.
Local hospitals have treated 182 passengers and crew. Of all the patients, 49 were listed in 'serious' condition. Another 123 people were not injured.
A fire department official offered an update on the condition of the victims around 9pm ET, saying that 54 are currently being treated at San Francisco General Hospital.

Tail snapped: Onlookers said that the plane's tail snapped off when the plane crashed down near where the runway meets the water at the airport

Of the 10 people who were transported to the hospital in critical condition, five have since been upgraded to serious condition. That group of people is comprised of eight adults and two children.
San Francisco Fire Department Chief Hayes-White said during a press conference Saturday evening that 190 people used emergency slides and walked away from the wreck. During a late-night press conference, the chief announced that all passengers have now been accounted for.

Of the 190 people who left the wrecked plane to safety, 182 have been transported to hospitals in San Francisco and San Mateo counties with injuries ranging from abrasions to fractures, burns and spinal injuries.

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